15 May 2013

15GB Consolidated & Shared Storage Between Google Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos

Google Users be excited with this great news! Google now adds a Total of 15GB of shared storage with the Google Products namely Google+, Gmail, and Drive. This is quite seamless move for Google consolidating storage.

Without merging storage, it seems Tedious to work on separately.

Are you excited with this FREE development of storage?

While some of us might not interested to know, for now, you will see that Gmail has 10GB(I consumed 33% of my mails now), and Google Drive & Google+ photos of 5GB.

With this blog news, Google products will work together with 15GB unified storage..and for FREE! You need not to worry on how much you will store and to where you would share.

So when will I get 15GB storage?
Google said it would roll out over next couple of weeks. Excited? Sure it does. Stay relax for now :)

You could see in your Google setting might like this:
Image Taken from Google Blog
 Since it will update a couple of week, this is my current plan.
My current Plan Screenshot

For normal users, it is not quite exciting feature but for those loyal Google and heavy users, it is pretty awesome and useful.

Source: Bringing it all together: 15 GB now shared between Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos

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