14 April 2013

Successful Tsada.me 1st Grand Eyeball April 13, 2013 - Great Fun Experience

"Tsada". if you utter such word, they will perhaps know that you are from Cagayan de Oro city.(City of Golden Friendship. But now purple?)

Pretty sure, those people hear TSADA for the first time would wonder, baffle, then boom, never mind, at the back of their head, they would probably say - where the heck are you came from? Anyways, though, Kagayanons(Cagayan de Oro) belongs in the Bisaya Vernacular, this word is very unique in the city. Why? I don't know why. What I surely know is, TSADA!

Tsada means friendly, beautiful, lovely, awesome, cool, cute, delight and pleasant. In Cebuano, it has a synonymous of "NINDOT." 

Now, an individual social site, www.tsada.me, initiated by Dan, whose primary purpose is to meet, discover, gather Kagayanon friends, (well, hmmm...im doubted about this, how about to look some chick instead? haha.). Tsada.me was officially launched last March 31, 2013, Sunday at 12:01 a.m by Dan. Statistically, for now, it has total members of 184(some were very active as you can see in the Hall of Fame at the right side of the website, some were PROs, Students, Admins, Brand/Business name). But here, we are a total of 8 who participated in the 1st Grand Eyeball. Perhaps, some members were just too busy in their lives.

BFB Corrales from left to right
Jenny, Kathy, Karen, ME, King, Jay, James, Dan
The meeting took place in Park Cafe, Divisoria at 7:00 pm, It was apparently crowded, and wth, we (with Kathy & Karen) went their 7:50 pm, again it's a Filipino time. But we still went there in the hope that someone is waiting for us. Thanks to King, without him, we would have in our other affairs or if not just go home instead(what I usually do, just go back home -.-).

Oops...before that, Kathy was frustrated to me, she even texted me not to text her ..as in FOREVER? Forever is not enough?

Dan, King, James, Jay already there, I didn't know that Dan, James, and Jay were already friends because they were in the organization in the XU. Right?

If I am not mistaken, Jen, went there at 8:15 pm, where did you come from Jen? What surprises me is that both Jen and Kathy knew each other well, they were office mates, of course, school friends. 0.o

Without so much ado:

  1. Dan first introduced himself (next to present was King, clockwise ?),  an XU graduate and developer/VP at Cleversoft next;
  2. King - a MUST Fresh Graduate singer model. 
  3. James? XU grad(I didn't mind asking for his right name, I didn't know also that his name was short of James Younghusband(football player) he was an SEO Specialist and Instructor at AMA 
  4. Jay also an XU Grad(instructor, and a marketing expert, skyscraper city's contributor or an admin?)
  5. Jenny, MUST Grad last 2012? Not sure, what I am very sure is that HIS EX is my FRIEND of mine. :) Works at Kianen Trading - Accounting Staff.
  6. Kathy, MUST Grad ., former instructor and a Kianen Trading senior accounting staff.
  7. Karen, MUST Grad former programmer at the Moresco, now works at the LGU(local government unit at El Salvador City). Wait for City? haha
  8. Of course, yours truly. Goodbye! Hmmm, I am a MUST grad too, a former employee at NSO(National Statistics Office), Motormate Main MIS Division staff, call-center, now works at NGA(National Government Agency) HLURB (Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board).
  • Dan, Jay, James already know each other. ^_^.They were Really PROs, lots of achievements. Salute! I expect more on Jaypee. Where is Jaypee?
  • I know King and Jenny way back when we were at the MUST studying. We were actually batch mates. And sad to say, I am their SENIOR -.-
  • Kathy and Karen were sisters biologically LOL. My close and open friends. And we were School mates. The sad part was they came together with me(la la la), but on another light side of the story, they give me more confidence to face to face big time names here in Cdo, oh yes, they were so excited about the EB, perhaps Kathy did not even try once about Eyeballs. The awkward part was, they were not registered with the website. Aw, but before the gathering, I humbly asked permission from the Admins, if it is OKAY if I would come along with my friends.(3 chicks? one girl perhaps went home early to relax for the CS exam), yes, they permitted me to come along with friends. And oh nooo! I am afraid that they will find out more side about me, but I am just ME. In chat and in personal are pretty all the same human being ME.
  • Both Karen and Kathy had some connections whew, also with Jay. Maybe if I have a chance to trace their roots, at some point, they were related in some degrees. 50th level?
  • Really, what a small world, after all, Dan have mutual friends with Karen. A familiar face that of Karen made them realized later on that they, at some point, met at the TRIVIA Night at Missy Bonbon. What a Smart and Bright people. -.-
  • 5 MUST Graduates(Me, Karen, Kathy, Jenny, King)
  • 3 XU Graduates (Jay, James, Dan)

After the long introduction plus chitchats, we decided to have some meals (though both of us 3 already had dinner), so there, finally, without some interruption, we went at the BFB Corrales. Pizza everywhere! Hotspot powered by tsada.me, courtesy of Sir Dan. Pretty fast too! Some topics being discussed and chats while eating pizza, having fun, teasing, tagging, updating Instagram/FB lol. Well, thank you, sirs, Dan, James, and JAY, for that delicious pizza(it gives me COLD haha).

I guess it was 10:00pm+ that we went out there and proceeded to the concert. I'm happy because most of them have the VOICE, well, I'm proud to say, I have a voice of Godzilla though.

From 50 Meters from BFB to WHATEVER(hu ever, if ever, whatever) video K bar, and there! We have waited about an hour, I can't remember at all(i have a mild amnesia, easily forgot and wtf) the first come first reserve basis was not attained, it should be: Last came, first in basis, or perhaps they reserved online. 0.o

We have no choice but to stay and wait, well, the wait is over! Finally, we were at the height of CONCERT! WHOO, it rocks! Huling El Bimbo was the first song to be sung, followed by some show king and queen. And there... ♪ ♫ la la la la la, with some LEMON Juices, I feel energized, my mana of excitement finally been restored courtesy of Sir Dan again.

Both King and Jenny have an EXAM of CS, and yet still there...are we that of "Bad Influence" to them? Perhaps no, it actually exercising their mind to boost on the next day. As the study shows, singing feels better both physically, emotionally and mentally and other lys.

11:20 pm both Kathy and Karen went out because their cousin came along to FETCH/Pick up them. And we walked out with a happy face at 11:40 pm, a walked to Divisoria feels good. Then...went home...I went back....so tired, full tummy....sleep....zzz...zzz..

I would like to take a chance to thank Tsada.me! More Thank you especially to bossing Dan, Jay, James, King, Madam Jenny, Karen, and Kathy. I have a great fun experience! More Eyeballs to come. Someday, we will talk about businesses. Thank you for reading this post.. :)

Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/Tsada.Me
Official website: www.tsada.me

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