29 April 2013

Why StartYourPay.com Is A Scam and Fake? Reasons Not to Engage With This Site

A certain person posted this site in a certain Facebook group, i put a formal and friendly comment about his post, my purpose was not mere advertised my blog post or anything else but rather, in a good and honest way to educate with factors of evidence to contradict its post, yet i got some arrogant reply. How closed minded type of person.

Who am i to comment when in fact it is not applicable to me he suggested. But i answered, no to your wrong, it relates to all members here. And i don't wanna take chance to them to risk such kind of website. Still he insisted arrogantly. I understand, am i not right to suggest? to educate? to share? He added that if it is scam then there is no dealing of money of that site. Agree but quite doubtful.

Even if it does not deal with money, it could flag as fake and scam site, the reason is almost obvious, they will not pay you if you reached a certain threshold. Just because it does not deal with money, it does mean it is not a scam or fake site. This is quite hilarious. He even insulted me and boomeranged me with questions. He asked me if my binary system was not a fake also because it does deal money. Well, the heck i am join such networking site?

This post might be addressed to you, "Someone". A someone who will not concede your belief. Someone who are closed-minded type. Someone who doesn't take any suggestions. In fact, you should research first before you attempt to share your fake site.

No, i will let users to learn and differentiate what is scam or fake site.

What is StartYourPay?
StartYourPay advertising media is leading online advertising company. SYP is easy money earning system by sharing referral links to your friends, family and others people through websites, blogs, forums, social media, facebook wall, facebook pages, groups, twitter, chat rooms and other media. Start your part time Pay with us.
You see it right from your two innocent eyes, EASY money! Well, it is really doubtful in the first place. If it is the case, well, its many people will get richer and the owner of the website get poorer.

How to Earn with StartyourPay.com
  • Registration is FREE. Yes.
  • Share with your friends and earn $2 per referral link visit
  • Get payment at end of month (min. $50) through PayPal, Cheque, bank transfer, Money Gram & Western Union
  • Just refer the referral link and you will get earning when the users will JUST open your link.
Earning Details

  • Signup bonus on joining = $5
  • Pay per referral link visit = $2
  • Minimum payout balance = $50$
Perhaps, for the best part here.
Reasons  Why StartYourPay.com is a FAKE site.
Don't waste your time and effort just to post/share to earn. Even a LEGAL and TRUSTED income generating site: Clixsense has ONLY $0.01/ad clicking. Same with other LEGAL sites. Quite surprised?

If you want to earn money(just like me) in online, i will give  you 100% FREE. No Registration FEE. This is PURELY legit.
1. If you will see my previous about the Cash4visits: Another Yet Fake Site, they both two likely have the same flow and design but they differ in revenue. Like Signup bonus, per unique visit and minimum payout. Thus, i asked myself, is the owner/web developer ONE person both two sites?

See the difference here:
Cash4visits user interface
Startyourpay user interface
2. Since they have same design, i would suggest to visit here: http://www.mabzicle.com/2013/04/cash4visits-review-scam-site.html

To give you some idea, i will briefly put data here.
  • First, its registration system, lacks of security measure features like captcha, confirmation link, encryption method.

  • It does not support HTTP SECURE, just a plain http. (most business and e-commerce site use HTTPS)
  • No forum, this kind of feature is very useful because here, users will share their proof of payments, suggestions, and problems about the system. StartYourPay has no forum. How could you believe if theres no concrete proof of evidence?
  • Whois owners has been protected. In most cases, it is doubtful where business MUST put concrete full details about the site(owner name, business address). Therefore, you will not see who is really the owner.
  • Startyourpay has almost the same terms and conditions with Cash4visits.
What if some of my friends receiving money?
Well, if you or your friends got money from that website. Then congrats! But here, i am doubtful about the site, if ever i made some wrong reviews here. Of course, it is not my fault. The owner does.


Now, back with that certain "someone". You are just blinded of the offer it gives, imagine for JUST a visit you can earn $2? Please, don't be arrogant and being closed-minded, to tell you, i have been into this reviews(yes, i observe and research about a certain system or site). So i know some Marketing Strategies, Scam Scenario, Earning Money Scheme, Pyramiding, etc. 

Don't tell me to shout my mouth and If you told me just to ignore it because it was not applicable to me.. Think twice because i am the ADMIN of that Facebook Group. And i am responsible for any misbehavior, flooding, and posting fake site which is a must to moderate it.

Finally, if you insisted it was okay to use that[site] because it didn't deals with money, think twice again. Perhaps, you didn't know that, the site admin can hack your email account, sell that email, and of course you will receive large amount of spam messages. Please do some research. Thank you.

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