11 April 2013

[Solved] HOW TO: Download and Save Slideshare Presentations That is Disabled by the Author?

If you stumbled on SlideShare website, I'm pretty sure you'll get fascinated with some eye-catching title and presentation. Well, if you are like me, then you might want to download and save it to your desktop instead. It's a good way to view though but the problem here is NOT all presentations were available to download this is because of the author set those presentations to disable it.
Now, this is a kind of interesting topic, like, I really have a headache especially on those presentations that were disabled by the author. Same to you right? I cannot download or save it. One solution is to PM(private message) the author but it may a waste of time since you really need the presentation as soon as possible. You know, I did some research and  Google just to look for the answers. 

Save disabled by the author
Yes, I got some solutions perhaps, but it is outdated and very complicated. Thus, those steps were not intended to regular users. However, if you are curious to type person, you may try those, but here I'll show you perhaps an easy one solution.

Before we start downloading those Disabled Presentations. We must have a basic knowledge of where we are up to. Since we wanted to download a presentation from Slideshare, therefore, we must know what it is.

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Slideshare is dubbed as the world's largest community for sharing presentations online. That said, we must be able to download all presentation right? However, Slideshare offers a service to upload and share(public and private). Some general files were Word Documents, Powerpoints, & Adobe PDF.

Now, put up our sleeves and get started. By the way, you might think that the output here is in the PDF or PPT file format, no it is only an IMAGE. sorry.

HOW TO: Download Slideshare Presentations That is Disabled by the Author?

Option 1:

If you have plenty of patience, then you might try this method.

The Use of Screenshot. Oh yes, you manually screenshot all PAGES in a precise presentation. 

How to screenshot?
In your keyboard,

  1. View impressive yet disabled save presentation
  2. press print screen SysRq key in the window then
  3. go to your image processing program( MSPaint)
  4. Paste it (Ctrl + V)
  5. Cut or crop desired image
  6. then SAVE(Ctrl+S) the desired file.
Tip: For a better view, first make the presentation FULL VIEW and start pressing screenshots. However, what if you have 200 pages in a single performance? 

Option 2:
Option 1 considered to be the LAST RESORT. Likewise, it is so tedious to screenshot manually and then edit then save. With this, though, it is quite complicated, but if you just FOLLOW these steps then you can achieve your goal to get and keep the presentation

The Use of IDM(Internet Download Manager)

  • Again, view that presentation that has been disabled.
  • See its PAGE SOURCE, yes, its source, the HTML + JS codes
  • For Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, just press ( CTRL + u ) to get the source.
  • Then hit CTRL + F to find a particular word, 
Update January 2014:

Try to search: data-normal or data-full with an address format of image.slidesharecdn.com/xxxxx

Sample: http://image.slidesharecdn.com/aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-140201110801-phpapp01/95/slide-1-1024.jpg?cb=1391496251" /

updated: 2013
  • then hit CTRL + F to find a certain word, type og:image and you will find similar to this: name="og_image" property="og:image" class="fb_og_meta"content="http://image.slidesharecdn.com/*****************-phpapp02/95/slide-1-1024.jpg" />
  • now, select the following source image link as shown below

  • Copy the link, and put it in the IDM! IDM is now in action!
  • Click Tasks menu and choose to Add batch download
  • In the Batch Download window, there's a compelling feature here. The Asterisk Wildcard * in which it can add a sequential file name pattern.
  • In your copied link, put it in the Address Input box as shown above. Note below the asterisk (*) just before and after of (-). IDM thinks in that wildcard to have a sequence from 0 up to 47.
* sequence files
  • TIP: in the To: 100, it is the total pages in a single presentation you must know it. Ideally, if you want to know the full pages, just visit the slide. It can be found on below right side.
47 pages

But in my screenshot, it has 47 total pages. Therefore, my value in TO: is 47
Successfully fetched in the SlideShare server
  • click OK and start processing it. And this is my downloaded files still FRESH!
save it to another folder in the later processing
  • Happy now? Perhaps you might want to put it in the POWERPOINT. Yes, you can
  • Open your Powerpoint, in the Insert menu, choose New Photo Album
Powerpoint New Photo Album
  • Open the downloaded image files, then choose Fit to Slide in the picture layout config.

  • Alright! Successful! Are you happy now? If it helps you, like and share this post with your friends. Have a problem still? Comment here. Thank you! :)
TIP: If you want to copy texts from an image, use OCR/Text Recognition tool like Adobe Acrobat, then put it in a single page PDF format. :)
NOTE: This is ONLY for EDUCATIONAL Purposes only.  This post is not intended for Copyright violation which SlideShare imposed terms and conditions.

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