21 April 2013

Capture Special Moments with Samsung Smart Camera NX300 20.3MP

In this TECHY generation gadgets in all sorts are keeping up to our needs and wants. This classy baby is indeed made to cater that. Who would not buy a camera like no other than SAMSUNG SMART NX300?

A camera surely loved by professionals but made for enthusiasts. Here’s the review you must know.

Samsung Smart Camera NX300 20.3MP



Advanced 20.3M APS-C CMOS Sensor
       Advanced Photo System type-C (APS-C) sensor with phase detection AUTO FOCUS gives you a life like colors and high quality images. This creates astonishing images without noise through light collection and can be done even in low-lit situations.

Advanced Hybrid AF System

            A combination of Contrast Auto Focus for more accuracy + Phase Detection AF for speed = HYBRID AF to capture fast and accurate images.

8.6fps Continuous Shooting
            This smart camera enables you to shoot fast in action continuous images because of its 8.6 frames per second speed. 1/6000s Super Speed Shutter is the fastest of its kind with the AF system you can now capture that action image without a blur. This is the speed we want for amazing photography so we can “capture the moments within the moment”. This statement which I quote is perfectly structured by Samsung to define NX300 in just one sentence.

Smart Camera 2.0 (Dual Band Wi-Fi)
           How great can it be if you can share once in a lifetime moment images in that instant anywhere you might be. You can perfectly share it with your friends and family through the internet and into other devices like mobile phones and tablets.

Hybrid UI (Touch & 5 Way Key) Variation
            It has a touch sensation so you can navigate through the device like image editing and other fun options to choose from. It has 5 way key buttons for easier menu options. Either way you can tap your screen or push those buttons.

Retro Modern Design
            This techy gadget is styled in vintage look in this modern time. Handy, light weight and compact ready for on the go shooting.

  • True 3D Creator (World’s 1st One Lens System) – 3D Still / Movie Capture Capability (45mm 2D/3D Lens only)
  • Full HD Movie (1080/60P)
  • Wide Range ISO (100~25600)
  • Creative Shot
  • HDMI
  • Smart Filter tap Smart Mode to access a variety of settings that help you get the perfect shot every time—even if you’re not a pro.
  • Smart Mode

Image Sensor

· CMOS Image Sensor
· 23.5 x 15.7mm Sensor Size
· Approx 20.3 Megapixels
· Approx 21.6 Megapixels
· RGB Primary Colour Filter

Image Stabilization

· Lens Shift (Depends on Lens)
· OIS Mode1 / Mode2 / OFF


· i-Depth, i-Zoom (x 1.2, 1.4, 1.7, 2.0)


· AMOLED with Touch (C-type Touch Control Enabled) and Tilt (Up 90°, Down 45°)
· 84mm (3.31")
· WVGA ( 800 x 480 ) 768k dots (Pentile)
· Approx 100% Field of View


· Samsung Lenses for Samsung NX Mount
· Samsung NX Mount

Distortion Correct

· LDC On / Off (depends on Lens)

Dust Reduction

· Supersonic drive Dust Reduction Type


· $749.99

I personally am an enthusiast in the field of photography. Capturing moments are splendid. This camera surely makes you feel like a pro even if you’re still at the making of being one. What always matter is not the cost but what you can get behind the cost. This sure is worth it.

Image Courtesy to Samsung.com
© Article of Karen Mae

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