04 April 2013

Top 5 Valid Reasons Why Pay4Users Is A SCAM

With the advent of online great opportunities, sometimes, we fail to realize that engaging such activities, events or processes made us tend to believe that it is really 100% true -- that we can earn $1000 in a week by doing and following what is being instructed, believed that it is a trusted and so on and so forth. Thus, we strongly assumed that it is really a legitimate to earn such big amount of money in a just a week. COOL but the sad part is How? That's the problem because at the first place we fall in the trap thinking that it might be worth a good try. Thus, we cannot tell and compare if it is really TRUE or SCAM.

There were many people who were gifted in Marketing strategies, bind with flowery words and persuading personalities hence they can captured your sense, feeling and taste. Which resulted to, probably worse scenario, you think "this is it", grasping your hand for excitement, however, it is not what really is opt to be-- you are just blinded with the huge money it offers and it blocks your logical and critical thinking to comprehend that a certain service or product is TRUE enough or NOT. Perhaps for some companies it would be seem TRUE, but here i will put information why you need not to register or stop the heck activity with this PAY4USERS.

Purpose of this Pay4Users Review
With so many modus operandi that any websites can offer(esp. scammers like TwoDollarClick), here, i will put some evidences why you need not to trust and join with this website. I want you to know that there a simple ways to determine if it is a SCAM or NOT. I will give and share to your with my knowledge about this. Again, please take extra minutes to read. Thank you. Knowledge is POWER!

 1. Registration System NOT Secured, Lacks Feature
You might wonder with its registration because it has less fields to fill up, and it only need: Username, password, email address and Cheque payee name. Hmmmm... why no so strict? Most websites indeed have a complicated registration but with Pay4users? So simple....Maybe they are tired to put relevant information especially with Cheque information. They didnt even expend working on this, how much more with your earnings?

I type my details to test it. whoa... it merely fast too.
and then: Registered Successfully!? Wait! It is supposed to have some CAPTCHA( a test to verify if the user is really a HUMAN..of course i am a HUMAN...) but there's no add-on like this. There is no also confirmation link or verification codes and the like. Pay4users lacks with this security measures. Again, they did not make this more secure how much more with dealing with money?

This is not SECURED!
Activated already? No confirmation link or code? Smells fishy.
2. USE of PLAIN HTTP protocol
Pay4users is not using SECURED protocol (https) in which it deals with more money here. If some hackers would try to penetrate it, BOOM...Goodbye...Therefore, you cannot deal with money with it especially CASH-OUT, it is a SCAM!

In most websites, users security are most important, with this, they use a SECURE http protocol. Here, pay4users does not have like this.
Take a look above screenshot, you will see a plain http but here a Sample https screenshot (PAYPAL) that deals with money.
3. NO FORUM - Community Feature

While Pay4users promises you to earn $100 daily then you might ask yourself..is there any VALID proof or evidence from any members? Even if there were testimonials in the page, it does not guarantee too.

Forum is a great way to display credibility. It connects members and share some experiences like cashout etc. With this kind of community, you will know and satisfy what will be your stand. Is it really TRUE? Or NOT.

Like Clixsense(that may earn you $100 a day but with GREAT effort to network and invite other members), though it has small revenue of $0.001/clicking ad. In contrast with Pay4users that it gives you $1 every link that is visited. So cool! Nah, as you can see, a legitimate service like Clixsense offers low revenue at first.

4. Inconsistency of its FOUNDING Year.
They said in their website:
Pay4users Inc is a large-scale marketing and referral company in the United States of America. It was founded in 2010 and paying its members for doing tasks and activities which are given to them. Join the website and perform your task to get earn. There is no any fee, no any membership fee and no any paid thing. All is free... The main thing is your passion to the completion of task and promote to the friends.
They said: It was Founded in 2010. Wait.

With this sample WHOIS query lookup, i got like this: You too can try here: http://whois.net/whois/pay4users.com or http://whois.domaintools.com/pay4users.com

The Domain Pay4users was bought in Namecheap.com and it has a CREATION date of MARCH 07, 2013. Wait. They said it was founded in 2010? Hmmmmm.... Moreover, the owner profile information is protected by WHOISGUARD, a free package when you buy domain in Namecheap. So WE cannot get the correct information of the owner.

Online rank is very important because it is a indication that your website is really a CREDIBLE and TRUSTED or NOT.

Google Page Rank(PR Rank) is one of those ranks. Here, Pay4users doesnt have a PR  yet because first of all it is a NEW Domain and secondly, PR roll out will be on MAY.

Alexa Traffic Rank is good indication too because if it has a LOW alexa number, it means IT HAS MORE VISITORS. But i doubt about with PAY4USERS, i'm pretty sure that users believe that this is TRUE. Thus Alexa is not that reliable in terms of determining scam or legit with this kind of site.

Pay4Users Review

With this 5 reasons, i would say, Pay4users is not a LEGITIMATE nor TRUSTED one. It simply drives you into thinking it is TRUE . Hence, it merely attracts of its visitors. If you are planning to register, then STOP right now. Don't waste your time dealing with this. Earning money online is NOT EASY.

Even me, i EARN in couple of years, but with that hard works, now it pays off pretty well. If you still doubt, do some keen RESEARCH about the scheme and the company.

Please share this to your friends! :)

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