13 April 2013

Will You Try To Install Facebook Home in Your Phone?

Today, Facebook launches its new Facebook Home. What exactly does it do? Even the CEO shared a video clip about Facebook Home. Will you install it?

Facebook just unveils its new Facebook Home (Launch day). Facebook Mobile page shared a video that the Team of  Engineers behind the making of Facebook Home thanked for the successful launching.

What is Facebook Home?
Facebook Home is the HEART of your PHONE. It's a new app that promises to have quick access, and immediate notifications from the stream of friends. Facebook spelled out that everything on your phone will get friendlier - that's there is no other phone, app, or OS like it.

Does it?

Key features(though it is more like in Facebook web)
  • News feeds
  • Notifications
  • Chat Messengers
  • App Launcher
One thing also, for Android users, this app is coming soon. Now, would you like to install it?

Source: Facebook Home

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