05 April 2013

How did this Graduation Photo Went Viral and Inspired Thousands of Filipinos?

"We are Graduates, young and hopeful". As this beautiful song lyric goes by, it was when I wore a toga and walked at the stage to receive a reward — parents were overjoyed (oh yes, my graduation) in my high school days. 

Graduates are really hopeful young ones especially on their dreams and goals in life. Likewise, Graduation is NOT the end but it is the beginning of the real life. 
We see graduation photos mostly taken with their(graduates) family pictures, relatives, friends, and love ones. We see beautiful smiles and happy faces within  them. Graduation celebration is like a Fiesta for them. 

But this one unique, he is a simple yet smiling, young and proud man together with his parents' grave. This photo gives inspiration, optimism, hope, and touching story among students without their parents — students shall do their best to graduate. This photo went viral in Facebook! :)

"This photo reminds me the value of my parents."
Kevin Villanueva photo together with his parents' grave
Who is Kevin Villanueva?
Kevin Villanueva was a graduate student of Information Technology(InfoTech) at Colegio de San Juan de Letran in Intramuros, Manila.

Kevin's mother committed suicide last 2002 when he was just 10 years old. His mother had a nervous breakdown. Kevin's father died when he was in Freshman year.

His aunts, Maria Teresa C. Jalbuena and Jacqueline V. Calumba were the ones supported through his College days.

His message that touched most Filipinos heart:

(even me, i got a teary eyers for his photo, i never been so proud of my parents who shed sweats just for me to finish college, until i saw this picture. Way back when i walked the stage announces my graduation celebration, i did not mind and did not care at all. He is my inspiration, i realized life is really great and i feel more proud of my parents :) thank you!)
"Akala nyu kayo lang ang may picture kasama parents nyu ha :)) pero ma pa this is for the both of you i hope that you are proud of me :))" ~ Kevin Villanueva
In English, “You think you are the ONLY ones with pictures together with your parents :)) but mom, dad, this is for the both of you i hope that you are proud of me :))”~ Kevin Villanueva

Kevin also added some inspiration message to students:

If there are problems, convert it as your inspiration to reach your goals in life. Determination, Hard work, Positive Outlook and Inspiration are needed to be a successful person.

Photo Went Viral on Facebook
It was Fhejhe Pasalgon uploded photo that this Kevin's Photo went viral and it inspires & touches everyones heart. As of this post, it has 249, 059 likes and 17,234 shares.
Kevin's Viral Photo
I was reminded on how really important my parents were. I am so proud of them. Even though, my parents have little earnings to support my college. Today, i am here, a proud child! Thank you mama and tata! 

Like all young graduates or even students out there, value the IMPORTANCE of your parents that worked very hard for you and for your better future. As they said: You SURELY reach high goals if you LOVE and be PROUD of your parents.

Congratulations to every graduates! Congrats also to Kevin Villanueva who gives ONE great example to students that gives an inspiring and touching story(including me! :) )


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