27 April 2013

Guide for the Perfect Facebook Image Post: Learn Great Tips From SalesForce

We can't argue that Facebook is a popular social media and is most used site ever. It perfectly made to share and engage with other people. With that, it became TOP social networking site with a total of Billion of users. Like most people uses Facebook to post their most of their feelings. Well, I was one of those people who regularly post the Facebook update.

However, if you are dealing with a business venture. I'm pretty sure, you actually are not putting some Love or Bitter quotes here but instead you are CONNECTING and ENGAGING your prospects and customers. Using Facebook can actually convert these statuses to a goal or value (For future customers and of course, earnings).

Yet, there are few mastered the basics ideal post in Facebook especially Facebook Images. So here, improve these posts, make it perfect posts and boost engagement to your customers.

How to make Perfect Facebook Image post?
This guide will help you a lot.

Thanks to SalesForce Infographic, it perfectly made sense to every marketing strategy using Facebook.
BLUEPRINT for the Perfect Facebook Post [images]
BLUEPRINT for the Perfect Facebook Post [images] by SalesForce
Guides to Perfect Facebook Image Post

  • Keep short post, limit to 90 characters with URL link with it.
  • Use personal cool tone(humor might be useful too)
  • To get their attention, use ASKING question in a post.
  • Use URL shorteners like bit.ly, goo.gl
  • Image must at least 300x300px
  • Use high impact yet simple image
  • Photos are best with the color red and orange unit.
  • Image best ad with close-up people.

Update: June 16, 2016

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