15 April 2013

Google Featured 306th birthday of one of the Greatest Mathematicians Leonhard Euler

The famous Google Doodle for today, celebrated the 306th birthday anniversary of one of the greatest mathematicians in the human history -- Leonhard Euler. Seems familiar? Who is Leonhard Euler? 

Google's webpage today has an interactive pencil design of diagrams, graphs, graphs, shapes, and formula. Note that the second letter "O" animated circle turning.
Google Doodle Leonhard Euler
Leohard Euler considered one of the greatest mathematicians in the history! Born April 15, 1707 in Basel  a pioneering Swiss mathematician. 

His great and important discoveries in the field of infinitesimal calculus, geometry, algebra, trigonometry, physics, number theory, logic and graph theory. 

He was also a known for his work in mechanics, astronomy, optics and graph theory. Also, he was featured in Swiss 10-franc banknote. In 2002, an asteroid was named honored from his name. With Lutheran Church, he was commemorated on May 24 on Calendar of Saints.

More on: Wikipedia: Euler

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