10 April 2013

Globe Telecom Actively Full Supports in Active Citizenship - Project Citizen

Mobile Network and Internet Service Provider (ISP) - Globe Telecom, gives FULL support in participation in Public Policy Formulation among Youth and Students in the society. Their aim is to train youth to be responsible and politically literate.

Globe Telecom Supported Project Citizen. What is Project Citizen by the way?

Globe now capitalized the role information to the youth members of society especially in ICT(Information and Communications Technology) to encourage them(students) to the public policy formation.

Globe Partners 1. PCCED(Philippine Center for Civic Education and Democracy), 2. Barangay Rule of Law Seminars, and 3.Anti-Red Tape Act survey to strengthen the the youth to be connected, informed and empowered

According to the Head of Globe Corporate Social Responsibility, Rob I. Nazal, he said that Globe is now on committing to help youth becoming active citizens through ICT.

He also added that through Globe, with CSR iLead pillar, to create a peaceful and progressive society with the most advance of good governance and public service.

Globe's critical partner for these is PCCED, according to the Executive Director of PCCED, Reynald Trillana, he stated that PCCED had been dedicated to create responsible leaders. In order to achieve this goal, PCCED and Globe collaborate to train youth to be more responsible, competent and politically liberate citizens.

Project Citizen is an international program on civic education that has been tried in more than 60 countries worldwide. It aims to connect the classroom learning of students on democratic citizenship with activities such as research that immerse them in the community and expose them to the dynamics of public policy formulation, implementation, and evaluation. It has been cited by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) as one of the best practices in enhancing youth participation in electoral cycles.
It is being implemented in two strands – one for high school students via local showcases and another for college students and teachers through the Leadership Communities (LeadCom) program which is being conducted in partnership with Ayala Foundation, Inc. (AFI) as a post-camp capacity building activity. Both approaches aim to raise citizen participation and contribute to successor generation of future government leaders.

ABOUT PCCED The Philippine Center for Civic Education and Democracy (www.pcced.org.ph) is a non-government organization dedicated to the effective promotion of good citizenship and participatory democracy through education. It envisions citizens with reasoned commitment to fundamental democratic values and principles manifested in an active engagement in civic life. 

Source:   Globe Press Release


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