27 April 2013

Globe Telecom 4G LTE-HSPA to Support Revenue Growth

To cater expected growth in mobile data usage, Globe Telecom rollouts its 4G LTE (long-term evolution) – HSPA + service, as this step supports revenue growth this year. 

No doubt, social networking has made an impact to the lives of many and as the demand grows for mobile data usage the bandwidth requirement is therefore directly affected.

According to Globe Telecom President and CEO Ernest Cu, in order to support their growing 4G LTE-HSPA + service they are rolling out additional fiber optic capacities to cater more mobile data traffic when demands are needed. They expect this endeavor to help generate revenues to support this year. He further noted that areas from Metro Manila, Metro Cebu and Metro Davao should be prioritized.

"The company’s rollout of more LTE and HSPA+ sites also bode well with projections that the number of smartphone users in the country will accelerate over the next several years. Projections indicate smartphone penetration could reach 50% over the next three (3) years, from latest estimate of 18% as of last year", Cu added.

Penetration of smartphones is anticipated as consumers are magnetized by more attractively priced smartphones resulting to change of mobile phone usage along with more pervasive network coverage.

“The growing preference for smartphones will increase the use of mobile internet which, in turn, will help fuel our revenue growth,” Cu said, noting growth in demand for mobile data services, ranging from prepaid daily variants to postpaid unlimited mobile browsing.

Penetration of smartphones has increased revenue generation. The company’s revenue from mobile business grew from 5% quarterly and jumped to 6% in the amount of Php67.189 billion from previous year. Mobile browsing alone generated revenues of over PHP3.1 billion in 2012, a 55% surge when compared to PHP2.0 billion in 2011 and the company continued launch of affordable mobile data plans. Also revenues from its broadband business definitely leapt double by 16% to PHP8.721 billion in 2012, compared with PHP7.496 billion in the year-earlier.

This rollout forms a part of its $700 million network modernization program launched last November 2011. This step forward to more modernization and improvement is impeccable as Globe Telecom’s main concern and dedication is to offer a much better and faster services to its consumers.

On-the-go users will certainly enjoy mobile browsing anywhere, anytime without worrying data traffic and network coverage problems. Tweet as often as you can and post that status updates as much as you want from sunrise to sun down, keeping your friends and you updated and reached out. How cool and easy can it be? Thanks to Globe Telecom 4G LTE-HSPA + rollout. This good news will surely delight many. Start using Globe now.

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