29 April 2013

Globe Labs and Voxeo Labs Successful Launching Voice API PH: Globe Labs Developer Day

It was a great event both for Globe Labs and Voxeo Labs, in the recently held last April 13, 2013 at Manila, Philippines with the "Globe Labs - Developer Days: Power Up With Voice" with the roared successfully launching of Google Labs' voice APIs in the Philippines.

Over 100 developers attended and engaged with the Globe Labs mini hackathon. These developers got a great preview of the NEWEST Globe Labs Voice API(Powered by Tropo). They had learned something useful with this API, they knew how to make and build application with the API voice capabilities which can be more integrated with such a great and known programming languages(Ruby, JS, PHP, Python & Groovy).

Globe Labs and Voxeo Labs joint the conduction of workshop headed by Voxeo Labs' CTO, Jose de Castro, and Chief Evangelist, Johnny Diggz.

Jose de Castro said that the event was quite amazing and that of he felt the intense energy from the developers, and amazed by the level of innovation they presented. At few hours of coding, phew, he saw a voice-based event management system that could read latest posts from Reddit.com. This is quite amazing and powerful feature.

Greg Igaya, head of Globe Strategic partnerships and innovation for Digital Media, added:

"We're very happy with the event, it was a great success, demonstrating the creative talent of the Philippines with voice APIs. Our previous voice API was very difficult to deploy so we decided to look for other ways and found the solution with Voxeo Labs through their platform called Tropo which is very easy to use,"
Some presented Scheduling System, Real-time Currency Converter, and Customize survey app that runs of Heroku.

The said VOICE API has the following key feature:

  • Make a Call : An application which dials a certain sip address or  phone number. Calls to more than one number or addresses can also be made with just two lines of code. 
  • Call Control : Call can be routed to another phone number or sip address, it can be rejected without even answering or even have other callers join in for a conference call. 
  • Speech Recognition: API gives the caller the capability to talk back to the application by simply telling the API what the expected words are as the valid answer. 
  • Recording : API has the capability to transcribe the caller's responses to text and have it saved to a database, or even record responses in part or whole as audio files.

About Globe
Globe is a leading full service telecommunications company in the Philippines, serving the needs of consumers and businesses across an entire suite of products and services including mobile, fixed, broadband, data connections, Internet and managed services. Its principals are Ayala Corporation and Singapore Telecom who are acknowledged industry leaders in the country and in the region. For more information, visit www.globe.com.ph
About Voxeo Labs
Voxeo Labs www.voxeolabs.com lives at the intersection of developers and service providers. Voxeo Labs invest in revolutionary ideas and innovates new communications solutions. Voxeo Labs products include Tropo, Phono, Ameche and PRISM and are used by over 150,000 developers and many of the largest telcos, mobile carriers.

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