02 April 2013

Getting to Know the Thunderbolt Cable

Today’s technology is developing at breakneck speeds.  Almost every month, something new is introduced to the market.  Computer manufacturers and companies have been on a race to be the first to introduce new technologies to offer increasingly discriminating consumers. This is very evident with the different models of laptops, computers, tablet PCs, and even mobile phones being introduced every month. Manufacturers are hoping that flashier stuff would entice the market to let go of their cash.

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However, these products that have just made their debut in the market nowadays do not sway people that easily.  People are becoming more and more picky when it comes to purchasing new gadgets and devices.  Since they consider whatever they spend on as an investment of their hard-earned money, they are becoming more conscious on where they eventually spend cash on.

The one thing that people appreciate when it comes to purchasing a device is the speed that it offers. Since people nowadays live a fast-paced life, they want everything that surrounds them to keep up with their pace.  They want everything to come in a snap.  So, gadgets that have fast input and output capabilities are what's making people dig into their wallets.

When the Thunderbolt cable was introduced, people were initially mixed about it.  There has been no pomp and pageantry when the product was first introduced by Apple.  The technology has already been around for quite some time. However, it was only when Apple and Intel collaborated in making this product that it has finally got its much needed exposure.  The cable was first introduced in 2011 when Apple included it in the line of Macbooks it released that year. 

The concern regarding the product was that not a lot of people appreciated what the cable could do since it could be used on only a limited number of hardware. But now that people have access to high-definition videos and high-resolution images, they are clamoring for a faster way to access them, especially when they are viewing it on their computer screens. The old USB cables that connect their external hard drives to their computer systems are simply not fast enough to complement the upload and download speeds these kinds of heavy files require.

Now that the use of the Thunderbolt cable has become relatively wider, people are starting to see the potential for it.  They have also started to appreciate the things that it could do for their convenience.  Also, as manufacturers of computer peripherals have realized how great the product is, they have finally developed some devices that have ports ready for this kind of cable.  You can now have several options for computer peripherals that have Thunderbolt docks included in their systems.

Kanex Live is one retailer where you can get these cables at different lengths to suit your needs. They offer more affordable and alternative solutions in establishing your network, especially when it has an Apple- or iOS-based platform.  Their website is organized in such a way that you can easily browse their products to see if there are other things that you would need for your home or office network. Suddenly, access to this advanced but really helpful technology isn't so unattainable anymore.

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