28 April 2013

Yet Another FREE Online PDF Converter Tool to OFFICE: PPT, XLS, & DOC

Image From PDFConverter.com
If you are looking for a new and great another way to convert your PDF into different formats like .ppt, .doc,  and .xls via online. Yes, you can use it in your Browser.Of course, you need not to download and install. Thus, it is really VERY easy to USE.

This has been quite very useful in case you don't have converter installed in your system.

How to Converter PDT to PPT, XLS & DOC online?
Okay, it is just way 3 Steps and it is very easy to use.
By using it here: http://www.pdfconverter.com, No need to install.

1. Select PDF file you wish to convert.
2. Add your email address.
Dont worry, they guarantee that your email address WILL NEVER be given to any person, website, or other third party.

3. click Start button and boom!

Now, it will upload to the server. Just wait for the complete processed.  Don't worry it is relatively fast. It will just take minutes.
There's a quite simple problem here: It limits only to a maximum 2MB file size. If you have 3MB file, then better look for another alternative. Well, i just hope it will support LARGE file size in the future.

Once the process has been completed, they will email you the download link with the file in it.

Download link: Click it.

Once finished clicking the download link, it will display Thank you message and you may click Download File button

Then, it will start to download... enjoy! :)

By the way, i used PDF to PPT, since it is relatively useful in my Slideshare post: Save as Image then Convert to PPT.


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