16 April 2013

Cleversoft: Asia's Best Place To Work in Cagayan de Oro City

Looking for a calm atmosphere and ideal dream place to work here in the Cagayan de Oro City? Try at Cleversoft!  I was bit thrilled yet felt mumbled and tingling mild sensation of excitement as it flowed over my body(it's a super duper exciting?). A glimpse of joy.

Continuing watching the video made my eyes burned-up filled with great joy. I clasped my hands not with frustration but the excitement that it gives me. The height of FUN  makes it smell delighted as I imagined that beautiful place.

A heavens-like workplace that an employee would dream of...would you dream like that too? It is a place that gives the people be more focused, enhances skills and talents, improves self-confidence, and boosts creativity. Indeed, it's an excellent package for workers at Cleversoft.

Screenshot from Cleversoft's Youtube video

I am so proud that I met the VP of the Cleversoft,  fruitful and 1st Grand Eyeball with Tsada.me in which he was the owner of that social site....actually, he's one of a kind.... More power Sir Dan!

Watch it here: Cleversoft [HD] 00:03:28

Cleversoft, Inc. is the research and development division of Visp.net.
Music: "Keep on Moving" by Five
Video by: Dan Albert Alerta Pacquiao, VP Cleversoft
CEO of Cleversoft: Todd Grannis

What is Cleversoft?

Cleversoft, Inc. is the research and development division of Visp.net. Visp.net, on the other hand, known for developing Wireless ISP (WISP) Billing and Automation application for rapid growth to those businesses around the world.

Cleversoft Inc established last 2007 and had a leading team of engineers, developers, and professionals.

Cleversoft situated along Masterson's Avenue surrounds with Clean Air.

Watch it here!

Dream JOB features:
  • Employee times in and times-out with their Fingerprint Biometric System
  • Wide Cleverflex room perfectly for aspiring TEAM building and meeting.
  • Each workstation has three multi-display monitors(Curious about each one, 1 for work, 1 for unwinding, 1 for the game?)
  • To replenish energy, it has a Free MASSAGE! Cool!
  • With FREE LODGING with hot/cold shower to refresh your body and mind(Most life-decision takes place in the shower) plus excellent indoor workouts - Burn up your fats!
  • Exciting, relaxing and unwinding team plays and games plus team fun run!
  • Oh, wait there's a GROUP Movie marathon also there?
  • Relax and have fun with XBOX 360 Kinect 100inches screen size with Dolby Surround, exciting playful with Ping Pong and Billiards the room also filled with Pets(cute doggie huh?),
  • Cleversoft has daily meditations(well it improves the immune system, brain power, emotional stability and enhances motivation), 
  • now if you want outdoor team building and adventure plus more excitement Cleversoft has it too. More surprised Celebrations to workers.
  • Food might be the best thing to consider (yummy!)- Cleversoft has a FREE sprint meals, 
  • 15 minutes break every 2 hours! A celebration of 12 weeks XMAS! Plus a Caroling trip for children. hmm
  • Adventurer? You will be happy for this. Cleversoft has an Out-town Trips(well I want to visit Boracay, Surigao, hidden island, Panglao, etc.)
  • It is very cool among games like Dota Players because it has a Team DOTA Tournaments, and Arcade games too!
  • Training and Seminars: With Cleversoft itself and to other companies as well.
  • Of course, hang out with CEO!
  • Cleversoft actively joins outdoor Trivia games sponsored by some establishments.
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