03 April 2013

Create Your Awesome Infographic Personal Website With Vizify

I realized that some people search about me. Why? Because of my application online? Perhaps yes! To add: This is the best way to boost visibility of your personal profile online. If you are gearing up to work online, better try this because most HRs will look up to you first.
Vizify logo
Now, with this service you can create cool your own Bio-data, but the thing is, it gives content based on your social media engagement.

These social media sites includes Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Foursquare, & Instagram. Vizify will automatically fetch data based on these sites.

Also, upon finishing up your profile, you can edit these contents too.
Thus, Vizify will gives convenient and effortless among users like me. Its a great way to broadcast about you. Indeed, the Coolest Infographic about you.

This is my sample result, it has 11 pages that have information about me.

My Sample Infographic See more here: 
If something bad happen, EMMA the grumpydog will help you. ^_^ hehe

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