12 April 2013

49% of Subscribers From Other Networks Switch to Globe Telecom

In the latest Globe press release(PR),  Globe had successfully attracted of 49% subscribers from other networks to its services. It is quite a good news indeed for Globe Telecom. In their last year's financial performance (2012), the company growing increase of its BASE and showed that Globe services – Mobile and Broadband – grew across all the market which attracted to subscribers.

49% Subscribers from rival networks attract to SWITCH to Globe 
During 2nd half of 2012, the company attracted customers to switch despite of the height of the other competitors.

Where did Globe base the figure?

According to the Nielsen Philippines– a global consumer research firm –  spelled out that the survey conducted has a 49% of total subscribers who switched from rival networks to Globe network. The survey taken from January 9 to December 2012 among 12, 937 respondents in randomly selected locations nationwide both from urban and rural areas.

Ernest Cu, Globe President and CEO said:
“Leading the market with innovation and customization, Globe continues to reinforce its
position as a strong and formidable challenger in the market with sustained subscriber gains
despite the aggressive switching campaigns and negative tirades of our competitors. We are
bringing in this huge source of inspiration and motivation as we sustain growth momentum this
year and in the years to come,”
Highlights for the Second Half 2012

In addition in the 2nd half of 2012, Globe successfully increased its growing subscribers: First, nearly 135,000 subscribers were added to Globe postpaid segment despite of other networks' attractive offers and discounts. Secondly, the prepaid and TM segments also had acquired a total of 1.3 million subscribers. Lastly, broadband segment gained nearly to 88,000 subscribers capitalizing innovative services.

The growth of these business segments’ subscriber bases has brought cumulative mobile subscribers to 33.1 million and broadband subscribers to 1.7 million by end-2012, up 10% and 18% from previous year respectively. This paved the way for the company to close the year on a high note with consolidated service revenues soaring to an all-time high of P82.7 billion, 6% above previous year's level of P77.8 billion.

 Source : Globe Press Release

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