22 April 2013

Interactively Celebrate Google Doodle 43rd Earth Day

Google does not stop featuring events and place. This time alone, Google has an interactive animation with its support of Earth Day. This amazing animation has its day and night cycle, not to mention, it can create rains whenever you click the clouds. If you continue to watch the show, the leaves of the trees will fall, it has drought season, moon changes every other day, flowers blooming, and fishes around the G (swamp design).

The Design designed to dedicate the environmental awareness. It has a pastoral scenery with two snow mountains with its middle waterfall pertains to cycle. Trees and Flowers of that scene. If you click the clouds, it will rain and if you click the cave (letter Os) the bear will appear.

This annual day of environmental awareness was being coordinated by the Earth Day Network around the world with more than 192 countries on last 1969. First it was proposed on March 21, 1970. But month later
it was founded by Gaylord Nelson, Sec. Sen. to be held on April 22, 1970 (this day). Thus, it celebrated with its 43rd Earth Day celebration.


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