02 April 2013

Google Pay Tribute To 366th Birth Anniversary of Maria Sibylla Merian in Their Homepage

Enough with Google's April Fools, Today Google honored Maria Sibylla Merian with her 366th  Birth Anniversary. Who is Maria Sibylla Merian? To be honest, this is my first time to see and hear her name. With some research, i found some interesting about her.

Google today has a graphic of green theme of vines, leaves, butterflies, insect, beatle, caterpillar and lizard(iguana). 
Google Doodle: 366th anniversary of  Maria Sibylla Merian
WHO IS Maria Sibylla Merian?

Born on April 02 1647, Maria Sibylla Merian was a scientific illustrator. At first she studied both insects and plants then painted it with great detail. She carefully observed the metamorphosis of the butterfly which eventually made her a contributor to entomology.

I guess Google made a design that has a caterpillars and butterflies, you will notice it in the graphic. She was influenced by her father-in-law Jacob Marrel, a Still Life(a work of art depicting mostly inanimate subject matter) painter.

At the age of 13, Maria first painted the image of insects and plants that she had captured. 


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