03 March 2013

Youtube's Harlem Shake Craze

Will Harlem Shake dance overtakes Gangnam Style? Who knows. But being featured in many sites including the Worlds Largest Video Sharing Site - Youtube. It can possibly that Harlem Shake beats Gangnam Style.

Youtube developers have this kind of sense of humor with compliment with the Harlem Shake. To witness and experience Harlem Shake with Youtube, then follow these steps.

Youtube Harlem Shake Craze
Youtube site featured the latest dance craze harlem shake . Now without further ado, lets get started!

Steps to Harlem Shake in Youtube

  1. Visit Youtube page - www.youtube.com
  2. On the search textbox, type exactly these words: Do the Harlem Shake, i tried these words: do harlem shake, it does not worked. anyways. :)
  3. Wait for the music to play then it will start harlem shake. Enjoy!


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