16 March 2013

Upload and Create Photo Slideshow on Youtube!

At least not only videos can Youtube renders service, it could create out of photos. Well, this is quite very useful especially on some memorable occasions like Graduations. There are lot students now who graduated in there school that may be on college, high school, or even lower level like elementary or kindergarten.

That fact, could give you more efficient on handling slideshows that can instantly viewed by those people who wish could see.

Now, how could you create photo slideshow on Youtube?

Not only on videos, Youtube can upload and create photo slides now. This is very important feature because sometimes we usually make photo slides on some software like movie maker and then we uploaded it in Youtube. Now, we can no longer do that, we Youtube you can easily make one memorable with music background photo slideshows. 

 How to Make Photo Slideshow on Youtube?
When making photo slides, we often used movie maker to merging and adding music on slides. But it is history, now you can do such things quite maybe in Youtube.

Perhaps, you might be interested here so lets get started.

1. Login to your Youtube account, and go to your upload dashboard. If you are confused where to upload. click here: http://www.youtube.com/upload
2. In the upload board, you will see in the right pane to create videos. Click Create in the Photo Slideshow.

 3. Now, you can select and upload photos whatever you wanted to add. (i added some of my vain photo ^_^)
4. If you are done in uploading your favorite photos, now in Edit Settings, you can rearrange those photos. If done, click Next.

5. Here, in Edit Settings, you can set the slide duration(3 secs) to what exactly it will occurs, the slide effect(here pan & zoom). Also, in the right pane of it, you can choose some audio background in your slideshow.

Slide Duration options
  • Fit to Music
  • 1-10 seconds
Slide Effect options
In future, this will be added with some effects for now it has only one effect.
  • None
  • Pan & Zoom
Transition options
  • Checkerboard
  • Circle
  • Crossblur
  • Crossfade
  • Crossing Stripes
  • Diamond
  • Heart
  • Horizontal Blinds
  • Puzzle
  • Radial Wipe
  • Slide
  • Star
  • Vertical Blinds
  • Wipe
6. Click on Upload button.

7. Now for the final info settings, you can change it. With advanced settings, you can set whatever you wanted to.
8. Wait for it until Youtube done it! Now, this is my final slideshow and ....it sucks! -.-

Better to watch for it.


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