08 March 2013

Successful Tips To Get Approved With Google Adsense Account

While some bloggers, webmasters, and publishers frustrated in acquiring Google Adsense account, still there were few lucky people out there enjoying the benefit that Adsense gives. Why is it so hard to get an account in Adsense? Why is Google Adsense is very strict nowadays? Perhaps, these might be yelling question in your mind. But just like i have said, there are lot of bloggers already acquired Adsense account. And I'm one of those, and i am enjoying the earnings i get even though it is relatively small amount.

Here, I wanna share to you some successful tips to get approved in Google Adsense.

Though Adsense has a many negative feedback, I just wanna share with you the good sides out of it. 
What is Google Adsense?
google adsense account tips acquired
Google Adsense is one of the Google Products that will give benefits of high paying rate earnings to publishers and displays potential sale/traffic to advertisers. Google Adsense is the World's largest ad network exists because of its greater and higher revenue/paying rates, it beats other ad network competitors. If you are a blogger or a webmaster, i am pretty sure you certainly know Google Adsense. In fact, you tried to apply to get an account there. Right? Some of you successfully approved by Google Adsense team, and some of you felt depressed when Adsense team rejected your application.

Since it has a higher revenue, Google Adsense became strict on registration. Why? To render quality service, Google Adsense team actually checks and determines to control and protect both advertisers and publishers. Bad news is that, not all people successfully approve there applications. With a little mistakes, then you are out and worst you will get banned without knowing the real reason. To take extra precaution before applying Adsense account, you need to have a complete and comprehensive guidance(a sole knowledge about Adsense).

Now, since you are reading this blog post. I pre-conclude that you really wanted to know what are some tips to get approval in Google Adsense, so here it is.

Tips to Ponder Before Applying Google Adsense
Be sure you are ready before you apply Google Adsense.

1. Visitors - MUST
  • If you don't have visitors in your blog/website, then it is useless to acquire Adsense. Pretty sure, they will automatically reject it. Try simple SEO tips to increase potential visitors. Well, i have 1k unique visitors a day with my blog, i guess 500 below might have a chance to get approved.
2. Legitimate Payee Name
  • Be sure to use correct name, your full name when apply. Because if you cash out your earnings, Adsense need correct payee name to send out the money. If you are using nickname or pseudonyms, you will be rejected from the Adsense team. Check Spelling with your ID(company ID, birth cert., school ID MUST be similar name with your Payee Name in your email address(gmail account). If not, put your middle initial. Because they are many names like: John Smith.
3. Complete Address
  • Since Google Adsense needs to have correct name, it also wanted to get your correct address. Full Address includes street address, house number, lot number, block number, street name, city, town, state, region, zip code, country. When transacting financial matters, it really needs to verify correct address. SO be sure it is accurate and complete one.
4.  Same Email Address
  • Be sure to apply in Google Adsense with the Same gmail account, why? Since it sync all products in your gmail account, you need to check and see to it that it has a correct name and address given in your gmail.
5. Language
  • English is a universal language used in different countries. I would give advice, use it! Though, you can use other language but not all language. To see supported language: see below
Chinese(traditional),Hungarian,Serbian,Croatian,Indonesian,Slovak,CzechItalian,Slovenian Danish,Japanese, Spanishm, Dutch, Korean, Swedish, English, Latvian, ThaiEstonian, Lithuanian, Turkish, Finnish, Polishm, Ukrainian, French, Norwegian
6. Webmaster Guidelines
While the Adsense Team evaluates your website to get approved, the following key points to help you:
  • Avoid Under Construction site will get rejection upon application - the Team really hates under construction site, so be sure it is all up and ready!
  • Don't use difficult site navigation, often the evaluator gets annoyed when it navigates your site, how much more with your visitors?
  • Create a site with clear text and links.
  • Put a site map on your site. It is where users have the key points to where they want to go further.
  • Consider using ALT attribute if you use IMAGES
  • Your <title> elements and ALT attribute are accurate, simple and descriptive.
  • Remove Broken Links. Google hates it actually.
  • Use cool and eyes-friendly color combination in your site.
  • No hidden link and link schemes
  • Optimize performance and load on your site. Visitors or readers hate to wait to load your site. Speed is a MUST!
7. Content Guidelines
  • Be aware and don't use Copyrighted materials
  • No pornographic or adult content
  • Racial, swear and violent content.
  • No Gambling-related content(No casino or illegal content)
  • Hacking/Cracking content(some tips consider to be a hacking style, be sure not to post some cracking of cool software like Adobe)
  • Don't post selling alcohol, illegal drugs, smoking products, weapons(bombs), ammunition, imitation products, works, etc.
  • Most important thing to note: Great entertaining and original content! It will give users a delightful experience in your post. An interesting content can give your application be approved.
  • No malwares, no pop-ups or redirects to unwanted sites(cause it sucks really)
  • Dont Spam visitors.
8. Site/Blog Ownership
  • Be sure you own that site or blog. You need to access it because in future, you will be able to put Google ads there. Google knows you are the owner or not. So don't use other websites that never belongs to you.
9. Domain and its Age
There is no specific detail is to what exactly your blog site aged, but with CHINA and INDIA, it should be 6 months old(this is to ensure quality advertising in protecting both publishers and advertisers).
  • You can use Sub-domain here since it has no specific provision that it is not allowed. My blog is on Blogger(mabzicle.blogspot.com) still, i have my Google Account.
Note:  Blogger or Other Partner Sites
I would have guessed you are using Blogger in your content posting right? Sign up with this site has different process compare to Google.com/Adsense application.
  • Thus, even if your site is NEW, you can still get one Adsense account.
10. Privacy Policy Page
  • You must put this on your site, so that visitors and also Google Adsense may know what is exactly your website collects information. Sometimes, most visitors don't want to get trace or don't like giving private information related to them.
11. About Us page
  • When a visitors love your site and wanted to contact you, this is really great and useful information to give. Some potential advertisers may contact you to put ads on your site. Google Adsense really love to have you an About Me/Us page. It is also an user-owner engaging cycle.
12. Competitive ads and services
  • Before you apply Google Adsense, be sure no other Ad Network in your site/blog especially those websites who offers same service and competes Adsense. Adsense really hate it.  Therefore, NO ads while you request an application with Google Adsense. IF you get an activated Adsense, you can use those ad service that compatibles with Google Adsense.
13. Traffic Sources
  • Don't put your site/blog in paid traffic sites or generating traffic. It will just give you a higher chance to them to reject your application. So no no no!
14. Number of Posts
There is no rule for the number of posts, but remember, you should have a quality, unique and exciting content. So either you have a long post(not so much time that it makes the readers bored), or short post but a catchy one. But in order to get more visitors, you need to apply some SEO tips here like: post at least 600-1k words per post, Google crawler loves this kind of post and it makes it go higher top searches in Google search.

15. Robots.txt
While you are praying to get one Adsense account, be all ready first with these guidelines. Remember, Google Adsense checks if your site is for your visitors satisfaction. Google Adsense protects both advertisers and publishers.

P.S. I apply more than 3 I think then they approved me after all. But nowadays, it is tough to get Adsense Account.

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