07 March 2013

Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100: Is it a Phone or Is it a Camera?

At first glance, i really like its design plus with its lens 3 layers i nodded to approve its a camera but i doubted when i saw some android apps with its interface. Yes, i would have guess its a Galaxy series. Now, im confused if it is really a phone or a camera. But its name simply tells me its really a camera but at the second thought, you might guess it a phone.

Phone or Camera?
This very question popped out in my line of thinking that it was really a camera because of its visible zooming lens.

Whether we like it or not, it is really a Camera since it was named Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100, we should conclude it was a CAMERA after all but with a slight feature of a smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Camera has a weight of 300grams that makes it more efficient to bring along anywhere. Its  LCD appeared to have 16 Million Colors touchscreen super clear LCD type with a size of 4.8 inches. No worries it is protected by a glass called Corning Gorilla Glass 2.

Now, why did i say it looked like a phone? Probably of its User Interface that has the same design with the Galaxy phone series. Yes, it has the same icons there. Samsung Galaxy Camera which runs with the OS Android Jelly Bean, it relatively fast cause of its Quad-core 1.4 GHz.

In terms of Data capability, Samsung Galaxy Camera can connect to Wifi (802.11 a/b/g/n) or any Wifi hotspot as a speed of HSDPA(21Mbps), HSUPA(5.76Mbps) and even 4G(LTE). It also supports Bluetooth connection, idle in sending picture files to other Bluetooth devices.

If you are keen to capture moments, you need a high capacity storage. With a Internal of 4GB and 1GB RAM, you will be happy with your stored photos.It also be stored external of microSD up to 64GB!

Now its main features
Samsung Galaxy Camera main feature. Looking for a best quality photos, this 16.3MB can exactly give what you wanted to capture or take pictures. Added to its 21x optical zooming 23mm lens and auto focus with Xenon flash. Geo-tagging, face and smile detection, touch focus and optimal image stabilization can be a great addon too. The video resolution has a [email protected]0fps and 768x512 @120fps, its really a high quality after all.

Roughly, with its cool features, you need to expect it is really an expensive one. Expect it less than $500 or Php20,000.00 below.

Well, i need to get one of this kind of Galaxy series camera. Soon.

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