03 March 2013

Experience the New IT System Globe Telecom

With so much customers complaint about their subscription both prepaid and postpaid service that Globe offered, with this new kind of Modernized IT System, Globe sets and enables a way better respond to customers needs and wants.

Customers - Prime Role
Customers are the primarily one factor that Globe Telecom continues to offer many products to them. Without the customers, Globe may not be in existing after all. Now, with this Brand-New IT network system, it provides quality customer experience.

Globe Gears Up New IT SYSTEM
Managing lots of customers is not an easy task that is really why Globe will now equip with the NEW IT SYSTEM, for the next month, it will implement the new system,

This brand-new system will allow customers to experience and to improve better with the Globe Products. It is also expected to give seamless transactions to stores, online, hotline and social media sites.

Henry Aguda, the Chief Information Officer of Globe Telecom said that their modernized IT system promised to provide a new way level to improve personalized user experience. Also it will give more quality time with customers to its new USER-Friendly interface.

More Information

visit the website: www.globe.com.ph/BetterGlobe for updates and announcements. 
Globe Business customers can visit www.business.globe.com.ph/betterglobe.


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