15 March 2013

My First Cash-out with Infolinks Ad Service

Just opened my email and surprisingly i found out one good news! Infolinks, Inc. had sent me a total of $49.75 USD and i am very happy with this kind of earning. Its really great when you worked and planted it for a long time, and now its time to sow!

Perhaps, you are wondering why did Infolinks, Inc. sent me an email that pertains to my earning cash out. I blog about how to make money online, and one of the earning potentials is with the use of Infolinks. I did earned that amount primarily because of this blog that happen to be my hobby. When i got bored, i usually write some useless but senseless posts that might catch the viewers' deep questioning mind.

This happen to be a great one, i wrote some those kind of posts  and at the same time i did earned some small earnings doing blogging..a mere fact is that i didnt expend a single amount of money doing this kind of business. Though, i did expend some other part of it like internet connection... Sounds great huh?

 Now, what is infolinks?
a short discussion for you so that you would able to know and appreciate Infolinks more.
Infolinks is an IN-TEXT AD service that will turn your TEXT into MONEY! With the data, your text, that words you are reading right now can also be earned.

Though, it needs more words and a lot of patience when using Infolinks. For the information of everyone, i earned my 1st cashout for a quite long 2 years with the amount of $49.75 USD. But the main important part is that, you are keen to blog. Your share information across your posts. Your Passion to set and achieve beyond goal!
If you want some TOTAL real earning (oh yes its 100% FREE), i took some screenshots to display its integrity.

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