21 March 2013

How is SMS Being Sent and Received?

"K". One Character but it creates thousands of rage reaction. How would you feel if you exert effort to compose one(1) paragraph message and just received a one(1) letter - K? I'm pretty sure you get upset. Now, with this video, that someone who used to reply "K" probably shy to reply. Nah, if they really don't like the person, they always like that. About the video, i am Not sure if it can 100% effective to change the person but sure fact is, it is FUNNY yet COMPELLING.

Now, lets get back to your REPLY K, have you ever wondered where it goes and flows whenever you sent that reply?

Here, a good and interesting video no other than Bianca Gonzales, as she discussed where and how is SMS being sent and received. Do you have an idea about this?

Watch here:

The "K" Conundrum

Now, do you have guts to reply letter "K" ? Please be considerate of that person who exert effort to create a LOOONG message, yet you still replying K. No, what if it happen to you? ;)

Hey Guys, this Video is very interesting to watch! :)

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