28 March 2013

Researchers & Scientists Created Harry Potter Like Invisibility Cloak

Looks like Harry Potter's invisibility cloak is real. To review, Harry Potter novels by J.K. Rowling was first published in 1997. Until 2006, a new set of research about Potter-like Invisibility cloak was first reported on 2006 by Duke University Electrical Engineers. Does the engineers made Harry Potter's invisibility cloak its inspiration?

However, in that research is not yet perfect. The members is now developing a new design. In fact a certain researchers from Austin at the University of Texas Created a super thin invisibility cloak. And the world of humanity will be more like in the Wizard World of Harry Potter.
In a the movie, Harry Potter uses Invisibility Cloak.
Is cloaking possible?
Without these metamaterials, it wont be possible. These synthetic objects have a properties that designed to have a negative refractive index. It guides the electromagnetic waves around the object and thus it have a invisibility object.
In 2006 Studies
In 2006, a theory was developed by David Smith and his colleagues called “transformation optics” based on redirecting magnetic fields around an object making it invisible, according to ScienceNOW.

Near Invisible cloak.
With so much testing and experimenting, Until, Dr. Smith used with metamaterials(a man-made materials that have a properties absent in natural ones)  as an experiment to create a invisibility cloak. However, there's an issue. Landy said it loses the waves due to reflections at the boundaries of the device.

In a 2012 published here: Public Release

Nathan Landy, a graduate student working in the laboratory of senior investigator David R. Smith, William Bevan Professor of electrical and computer engineering at Duke's Pratt School of Engineering said:
"We built the cloak, and it worked. It split light into two waves which traveled around an object in the center and re-emerged as the single wave with minimal loss due to reflections."
Now, researchers will apply the principles in the 2D devices. 
Invisibility Cloak Dubbed as Metascreen
The researchers from Austin created invisibility cloak of 66µm-thick sheet of copper that’s attached to a 100µm-thick sheet of flexible polycarbonate. The copper is made to scatter light between cloak 
and the object. In which, it will hide the object from microwaves to emit light from any direction. 

Andrea Alu, co-author of the research paper said:
“In fact, metascreens are easier to realize at visible frequencies than bulk metamaterials and this concept could put us closer to a practical realization,”.

Conclusion: Whatever might be, i just hope it will not be handled in the wrong ones. Will you buy this Harry Potter like invisibility cloak?

The problem here is i can still see them.. ^_^

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