21 March 2013

Google Keep: Saves What's On Your Mind

Be Organized, they said. With everyday works, we really need to put all tasks, schedules and notes in a certain piece of saving notes like notebook. Not only that, when we see or hear some interesting stories, we tend to like to save it but yet cannot do so. Ideas however really need to save it. Some of us use sticky notes in PC, Laptop or Notebook, some also save using Post-it stickers.

Now, this is really great move for Google why?

With the hectic schedule and task, we really cant deny the fact that we would not take all those and organized with a single write-up to notes. Well, that is real problem. Now, Google Keep saves the day and solves that dilemma. With Google Keep, we can synchronized it either when using Smartphone or Desktop/Netbook, and can be accessed anywhere. That's makes it more efficient and convenient. Sounds better? :)

Now, this is my workplace and its a little bit messy and not organized, and you will see there's a lot of sticky notes across the screen and to the wall. The sad part of using Post-It notes is that of its limitation.It cannot be accessed all the time. And sometimes, it will fell and lost. With this Google Keep, it can synced all devices and im pretty sure when we need those stuffs, we would really get it.
What is Google Keep?
Google Keep is a service from Google that gives and saves important notes. It keep tracks with the idea and other interesting data. Also it will synchronized all devices for instant retrieval of data.
What it does for us?
  • Keep Voice Memo
  • Fast Search
  • Notes can be  archived/deleted
  • Track of notes, lists and photos.
  • Color code notes.
  • Access anywhere.
  • Turn note checklists

How to install and use Google Keep?
If you are using Android device, Google Keep ONLY runs on those that have Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich and Above. Install it here:Google Keep on Android

In my case, i am not able to install it because i have a lower Android OS. Tsk.
 However, I can create, add, access and edit it on Web.http://drive.google.com/keep


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