22 March 2013

Globe Telecom Supports "No Impact Week"

We should take care of our Mother Earth or else we will die from devastation, hunger, poison and drought. And i don't want it to happen someday. I can't even afford to imagine such disaster. To help Mother Earth, one little step to participate and join the cause in which some companies including Globe Telecom - one of the leading telecommunications in the Philippines initiated.

To start with:

With the usual support for Earth Hour, Globe Telecom calls employees and subscribers to participate and support in the "No Impact Week" campaign to provide further help in reducing waste carbons.

Enhanced image from: whatscookingmaui.com 

Why called No Impact Week?

 From the inspiration in the book and film of No Impact Man by Colin Beavan, in which it advocates on reducing carbon waste.

Globe Wants to do more
In the climate awareness around the world, every year Globe joins millions of households to turn lights off for one hour.

Now, Globe wants to do more, it calls on employees and subscribers to support a slight changes for a week.

For a Week
From March 25 to April 1, Globe Telecom calls anyone to participate with this simple experiment by reducing the use of electricity and do unusual routines:
  • Walk rather than the use of transport
  • Avoiding the use of plastic bags use paperbags instead
  • Plant veges in the backyard
  • Conserve water
  • Unplugging all electronic items when not in use,
  • Watch TV less
  • Read more newspapers than online
  • No use of dryer
  • Hangout to other places

Rob I. Nazal, Head of Globe Corporate Social Responsibility, said:

                “Globe is the only telco in the country with an integrated sustainability program in place.  We are fully supportive of Earth Hour because as a company, we are aware of the impact of climate change to society and businesses.   As an advocacy, we continuously strive to engage not only our employees but our own subscribers as well to participate in environment preservation initiatives as active citizens,” 

Now, you want to support the cause? Save Mother Earth!

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