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Blog Exposed: Highlights for the first quarter of 2013

The First Quarter of the year 2013 has finally come to an end but it begins yet another milestone to me. The journey to across online borders will be beyond success with equipped with hard work and hardship. At first, i was bit surprised to re-evaluating things. Thank God, i am blessed even if it is small.

Part of blogging that i have learned so far are the endurance and the patience. To be honest, i came to a point that i wanted to give up blogging.  But there's that thing that motivates me, that thing that inspires me that burns up my feeling to continue blogging. Life is so unfair, indeed. And that moment when i felt such made inspiration for me to write. On the other side of the story, at some point, life is what you really make it. Blogging is one of my paths to fulfillment. ^_^

Highlights for the first quarter of 2013

This year might be a fruitful year for me. In fact, i did some successful reaped in my sowing career with blogging. I have planted those hardship with sweats just to come up and write up with these tips and tricks, useful information and other interesting stuffs up late evening. No, i did not sacrifice my main job.This is purely my hobby, and i LOVE it.

Now, this is really the right time to harvest that hardship investment. At first it is really difficult to put on the track. But later on, you will see the beauty of it and surely you will enjoy the ride--the journey, the milestone. Well, most careers really no fast track and fast through. Success has a failures along way.

The following samples might give you some inspiration, insight and knowledge over blogging career. No i will not force you to WRITE a blog post. But i really do pursue you to start with it even in your spare time. The very first is really a pricey one. Hence, Earning money online is not that easy topic and be learned overnight.

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I posted some figures of amount here(little figures that could discourage you, but wait i did earned it with more on passive way) so that you will know what exactly i have earned so far. This is probably important to add it with this post. For you to grab opportunity to learn and earn at the same time.

With no more further ado, lets get started:

As the popular quote goes by, "Reap what you sow." I figured out that i am really blessed. Thank God for that!

  • First Google Adsense for the year worth $128.03 in which i did earned for 3 months. Divide that amount into 3. So, $42.677/month, convert it to Philippine Peso... ( i used this value P40.83 = $1), thus it gave me P1742.4883/month. Not bad. So far so good. When will be the time that i could earn $500,000/month? Nah just dreamin hehehehe.
  • I am part of the Globe Telecom's 0917 blogger that Havas Media Ortega invited me to join the group. Havas Media Ortega  is the digital agency for Globe Corporate Communications. Welcome to Globe Family!
  • My Nuffnang nearly reached to its 2nd cashout value, i got so far P1,600+, the change of domain gave some slight problem for the earnings. Thus, it stopped however Nuffnang evaluates again with my new domain.
  • Improve earnings other advertising services like Chitika, Inc.
  • Incoming group of sites to make a review in their products.
I got some problems too.
  • There's quite little problem aroused with the new domain. The problem of resetting in pagerank, alexa rank, blog directories, and links. I hope i can back on the track.

Future plans: put large Capital to hire some article writers, SEO and Web Designers/Programmers. More even with the making of fresh, unique, and adorable office.

“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” - Joshua J. Marine


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