29 March 2013

First Google Adsense Cashout for the Year 2013

Do you want to win a lottery ? Well, the first step is to BUY Ticket. But wait, there's a little chance of winning. If you will ask a statistician, they would answer you the probability to win is 1/10million+. Good thing, we will not here to compute on how to win the lotto, but we are here to know how to earn with hard work.  Here, though it also has a small chance to get paid, yet striving it with hard work will somehow and at the proper time... you will earn your great labor.

"Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven't planted", as this popular quote goes by David Bly. Without hard work is planted, you cannot certainly harvest results. Success  I choose that beautiful quote because right now, right what you read, right what you see....i will show you how i earn a little  labor of hard work. Thank God, i am blessed. To continue...

Not only that i will post what i have got, i will share some tips too. 
1st Cash-out For the Year 2013

Google Adsense issued me the payment for the 1st quarter. I have earned USD $128.03
Google Adsense is a great service that offers high revenue for the publishers who used the service. I am happy to know that, i am already 2 years old with my Adsense account. And i don't have any problems with it, except low earnings. HAHA... But it is not their fault, there are so many factors on how to earn big revenue though.
actual payment cashout for 1 hr pheww...
Now, i would like this post opportunity to thank Google again, for this little earning. Actually, i will cashout for USD $128.03, within 3 months, i finally its paying time, my little 5th cashout with Google Adsense. (you can check my previous earnings with Adsense: 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st)  .. reap what you sow, as a saying goes. Again, it will not be possible if i am not able to strive to post some topics, news, and information here. Actually, i solely earned this through Blogging. 

If you happen to be one of the publishers, you can register right away with Google Adsense BUT try to consider some factors before you sign up Adsense.

No worries, i have a tips on how to get approved with Google Adsense.  

With regards to Google Adsense, you can even try some services too that earn money online. Below however are the services i actually earned and cashout.
With many services that offer to you, maybe you might try this one -> How To Earn Online ?

Blogging: A Sole Hard Work
Blogging is 100% FREE. So you don't need to expend extra money for it. Though, it is a broad subject. As you go on to your journey with blogging, along the way, you will learn and ride some techniques and tips in order to across the border -- border of success. But it does not limit, some will give you an idea beyond what you expected.

You can check it here: Blogging: First Step To Success

Well, if you are just keen to write any post where you are familiar or expert to, then perhaps you will get paid in your enduring blogging career. :)) Thank you Google.
“Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get”
― W.P. Kinsella

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