03 February 2013

Speed Up Copying On Your USB Flash Drives

Sometimes, there are instances that you really need to haste in copying files from your flash drives. However, big files are really slow in the process of copying files. Therefore, to fasten a little bit, we might tweak or use software it to make it faster.

I really bad experience about this, frustrated on copying software and movies unto my pendrive. Added to it, is the moment of yes, really boring to wait in hour just to finish copying. And i know you really love to copy some movies with of course less waiting right? :)

Alright to make us happier, there are many software out there that improves fast copying. But in this blog post, i just put 2 methods.

If it is okay, then we shall proceed.

Two methods to speed up copying

1. Manual 
You can do it with the some minor changes/clicks/explores on Windows setting
2. Use of Software
With this application, however, you dont need to set it up manually because the program will just do right for you. Is it enough?

Manual (Windows Setting)

Now, you can choose to optimize the performance in your drive.


1. Open My Computer and Locate your USB Drive, right click then properties
2. It will open something like below screenshot, in the Hardware tab, choose your USB Drive, (my drive is Letter J: TDKMedia Trans-it Drive USB)

3. Now, click on the Properties button below. Then, in your Drive USB Device properties, click Change settings,

4. Then a policies tab will display (compared just to its properties before clicking change settings), Click on Policies Tab.

5. Now, you can see the Removal Policies, by default it is set to Quick Removal

Quick removal (default)
Disables write caching on the device and in Windows, but you can disconnect the device safely without using the Safely Remove Hardware notification Icon.
Better performance
Enables write caching in Windows, but you must use the safely remove hardware.
To quick view about safely remove, see below screenshot.

And now, here's my sample preview on before and after using Optimize settings.

Before, Movie Hansel and Gretel (708 MB) ~ 14.5 MB/Second
After optimizing, Movie Hansel and Gretel (708MB) ~ 17.0 MB/Second

See the minor difference of speed? Now, if you are happy with that you can choose better performance but take note, you need to safely remove your drive. A 2.5 MB difference.

Use of Software Particularly TeraCopy

Teracopy has been chosen quite long time now. This software does great transfers on files from one source to its destination. Yes, i used this software and i haven't found any problem with it.

Teracopy is a copy/transfer tool that is designed to make files move faster and more secure. Its really useful utility and you need to have it.


  • Freemium (FREE but if commercial use you need to buy it) Also pro has more features.
  • Resumes and pauses on file copies. Pausing on moving will save and free up system resources
  • Copy files faster. Main feature. Why it is faster? Because it uses dynamic buffer to reduce seek activities.
  • Compatibility on Explorer copy/move functions. You can always choose teracopy or just Windows default function.
  • Error recovery function. Shows failed file transfers and you can fix it and it is really secure.
  • Full unicode support.
But theres a little bit problem, if the file location name is greater than 256 characters(i just assumed) it will not move the file. Phew.

How about in Pro?
In Teracopy Pro, theres more features.
  • Favorite folder can be copy/transfer
  • Report feature: export to html and csv files
  • Customize transfer with the files same extension/folor.
  • Removes selected files on copy queue
But i guess, you need not these kind of features. So free one is enough.

Sample Output:

Same with the Windows Speed right? ~ 14MB/s

Bonus: you can set to choose Teracopy handler or Windows Copy/Move Function

Use Teracopy only when Scroll lock is OFF.
And lastly, you can customize colors in progress.

Download it here: Teracopy 2.27

Now, you can smile and wait less than a minute in transferring files with your USB flash drive.

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