22 February 2013

Smart Now Upgrades Up to 4X More Fiber Power!

Smart's giving 4 times fiber optic power than any network. Million of Calls, Billions of Messages,Trillions of Data, it have to depend on the FIBER optics. Fiber Optics is not new however but technology gradually changing at fast rate and is really need to adopt new technology -- the fiber optic technology.

While some network used wired cable to send millions of data at a single time, wired is not enough. With the help of Fiber Optic Technology, it can hold billions of data at fast rate.

If you dont know fiber optics, Fiber Optics is a thin piece of glass that a light passes through from the source to its destination at a very fast rate. Just imagine how fast light speed is. A single strand of that thin glass can even handle and carry BIGGER bandwidth that will send and receive at the same time.

On 2005, Smart made active participation initiated on the FITL(Fiber in the Loop) Project in which it can able to serve billions of data to millions internet users nationwide. Now, Smart has 54 kilometers of Fiber Optics nationwide.


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