22 February 2013

Introducing: Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini

Samsung Galaxy S3 mini looks exactly the same as the Samsung’s top rated smartphone Galaxy S3 when viewed from afar and the only noticeable difference is the size but its features and specifications are more stripped down. 

Features, Performance and Design

The Galaxy S3 mini has a dual-core version at 1 GHz by 1GB RAM compared to S3’s 1.4GHz quad-core processor backed by 2GB RAM. Although some smartphones with the same processor slows down with regards to latest games, the S3 mini can actually handle multiple applications because of its OS. Operating in a Jelly bean Android version 4.1 added with the Samsung’s Touchwiz interface which you can customize your widgets and other alternative icon shortcuts. It is a little thicker at 10mm having a 4 inches AMOLED display screen with a conservative 480x800 pixels resolution.

However, its camera has toned-down from 8 megapixels as that of the S3 to 5 megapixels for the mini. Focus takes time and it’s bad in a low light with a slow shutter speed, compared to the S3 camera’s image definition, resolution and quality. It goes with a 8GB storage and if you’re not happy with it you can still manage to upgrade sadly only up to 16GB.

The Price

They say the price is too expensive of Php 14, 990 not very well fitted to what it could offer compared to other smartphones.

Samsung Philippines has attracted buyers during its first release. Numbers of Samsung avid customers rushed through SM City Cebu and Mall of Asia with a chance to avail its discounts only to buyers lined up from 8:00 in the morning to 12:00 in the afternoon. The price has dropped down from 14,990 to 9,990 depending on the discount availed. If only I was at the same place as the promo was given, I probably have been there but sad to say I live in CdeO and I don’t have enough cash in hand (smile). I personally like the idea of an S3 image into a much smaller and convenient size. I am a Samsung user and I commend their products for being innovative and competitive in the mobile world. But each user has their own needs to meet so therefore I respect your own preferences.

Special Thanks to: Karen for the wonderful tech review with this gadget.

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