09 February 2013

TM: Combo 15 + 1 Day Extend @ P5

Hello Ka-Republika ng TM! Before that, i am not from TM,  i am not affiliate with them, I am merely a blogger, a simple blogger, yet funny one sometimes :D. Good news to TM subscribers! (well, i should say, congrats me because i am a TM  subscriber. Because it is cheaper!)

Now, TM Subscribers will enjoy 1 day extend of the promo with just five (5) pesos?

With TM, you will enjoy cheap promo! Now, TM has a promo of COMBO 15 + 1 day extend for P5!

Why you should subscribe COMBO 15?
COMBO 15 has
  • Unlimited 2 days
  • 10 minutes calls
  • 50 allnet texts
For P15! To avail the promo, just
Text C15 and send to 8888
With that promo, you can extend it for P5 only, and you can save 5 pesos! To extend the promo just
 Text EXTEND and send to 8888
TM cool promos!

See posters and print ads  for details or visit to their website. http://www.republikatm.ph/

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