01 February 2013

Nuffnang Philippines Launched Own ATM

If you are a blogger and you are using Nuffnang ads service to earn money online. This is a great news! Nuffnang Philippines launched its OWN ATM. Yes, it is true. In fact, there are many Filipino Bloggers out there got this ATM card.

Nuffnang Philippines ATM is a great card for the bloggers and it will allow publishers to easily cash out their earnings. Sounds good to me. Woops, i got my nuffnang earnings  with Western Union. And waited for my 2nd cashout phew..To earn money online, i  featured it in my blog post here.   

Image taken from Nuffnang Philippines Blog
To maximize your potential earning, you must be a Glitterati Status. Back with the ATM, How can i get one Nuffnang ATM?

With the partner of Security Bank, Nuffnang ATM be available at the nearest Security Bank branch.
Image from Kabayantech.com
Of course, if you want this ATM, you really need to fill up forms.

Bank Application Forms:
  • Signing Instruction Form
  • Universal Specimen Signature Card
  • Cashlink Application & Maintenance Request Form
  • Cashcard Purchase Agreement
Please bring photocopies of two valid IDs and mail to Nuffnang Headquarters to this mail address:
Same PlotadoSenior Finance Executivec/o Nuffnang PhilippinesUnit 2E03-05, Building 5, Bonifacio High Street,Bonifacio Global City, Taguig 1634
Wopps, i really need to apply for this because there are deadlines:
First Batch Deadline – January 31, 2013Second Batch Deadline – February 15, 2013Third Batch Deadline – March 1, 2013
Source: Nuffnang ATM

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