15 February 2013

Introducing: Nokia Location Map App

Finally, Nokia enters competition on location detection apps. So is it the come back on the right track? Maybe, but Google Maps has been widely used apps. 

Does Nokia  Location Maps beats both Apple Maps or Google Maps?

Maps are really good to use. Way back the old times, Maps had been very useful to travelers. Indeed, today's technology has been proven to be yet better and more accurate than old maps. Google Maps is one of the best map apps to date. And it keeps on improving. While iOS fixing and improving the bugs in their maps, Nokia now on the track with maps.

Nokia Lumia phones has been widely distributed with Windows OS. In fact, it has a great sale according to the report. Nokia Locations Maps is now here. It will help you explore the world, discover places, get directions. Though, Google Maps or Apple Maps have it, and with some location tracking apps like foursquare. It is best yet to appreciate Nokia has this app. Good thing, it can use in OFFLINE mode.

Can Nokia Location Map app beats Google Maps, Apple Maps or foursquare? Who knows, Nokia has been proven for its quality products.

Source: http://www.nokia.com/ph-en/support/nokia-maps/

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