13 February 2013

Improve Your Day at Work: Establish a Morning Routine

Do you often forget to bring important things at the office? Are you irritable and impatient when dealing with subordinates or coworkers? Does the first hour of your working days begin with anticipating how awful your day might become? These might be a sign of unhealthy working routine.

What people don’t often realize is that an unproductive work day usually starts from the unorganized morning routine at home.

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A popular human resource book about how to have an organized work life said that the best way to have a productive day at your workplace is by starting fresh and calming the morning rush. It includes having an adequate sleep and eating a healthy breakfast. Doing a five minute exercise or yoga will also help in clearing your mind off and preparing your body for a whole day of physical and psychological challenges.

Let’s create a sample routine to give you an idea on how you can establish your morning routine. Take anything that applies to your situation and adjust some of it to fit your preferred lifestyle. These routine will not only help you have a better organized start of the day but will only build your discipline and organizing skill. Apply these tips and see how you save time and make more mornings less dreadful.

The night before you can:

  • Plan and prepare your clothes

Women gives a lot of consideration about what to wear every day and is prone to being upset when something goes wrong with their wardrobe. Avoid any wardrobe malfunction by preparing your clothes and setting up all you need from clean underwear, blouses, skirts, shoes and accessories. 

This way you can mix and match your clothes without thinking about running late for a meeting or conference.

·         Plan and ready the things you need for breakfast
Plan the meal ahead and check if your cupboard is still full of breakfast items such as milk and cereals. If you have kids and also cook food to be brought to school for snacks or lunch, you can also prepare them ahead so everything is ready for pick up first thing in the morning.

·         Talk with your kids or roommates about bathroom time
Set a schedule on who comes first in using the bathroom and how much time each individual might need to complete all the things that needs to be done inside the bathroom. Cut off bathroom time by figuring out the things that can be done in the bedroom instead of the bathroom to give someone else more shower time.

If checking your emails in the morning is also part of your routine, consider doing it the time before you go to bed. Have the discipline to shut down your gadgets when you need it to avoid over spending your time on the internet or in front of the TV. Browse other human resource books for some tips on how to save time and organize your day at home and at work.

Conquering your day and being productive at work begins with a good morning spent with your kids at home. Organize your morning routine to make sure that everything is being covered and that you are properly prepared for the day ahead.

To be truly successful, every aspect of our life must work well with every other. So plan your day ahead and have a happy healthy day at work.

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