04 February 2013

HOW TO: Fix Flash Player Shockwave Crash on Google Chrome?

It is really more exciting when you have something to view on Youtube or it might be funnier if you are keen to play with your favorite web games, and then suddenly, an error has occurred in your Chrome browser. 

How does it feels? You scream? You f*** up? You curse? Yes, you sometimes do it but whatever it is,you already have a bad time and thought of your system too lame. maybe? :)

Negative * Positive = ?

Watching Youtube videos or playing with games have been proven to stress  out, to feel energize once in a while, to fight boredom, to unwind, and to kill time and just a waste of time **sigh**.

While it gives some positive effects, if something bad will happen... you multiply positive and negative..the result is Negative.... and you will, im sure, get frustrated especially a Yellow Notification top bar shows which displays: A plug-in( Shockwave Flash ) isn't responding...and a button: Stop Plug-in (hell no!).

And something it crashes a lot like hell, what the heck happen to my Chrome Browser? Indeed, you know it is really annoying.

Reason for Crash?

But there's a solution for that, and i do recommend to use it. Take note that it does not only occurs on videos, games and other websites that powered by Flash Player...it will reasonably shows/occurs if theres no enough RAM and other resources. 

I usually opened multiple tabs on my Chrome browser, i think 10-30 tabs(in fact, just of this moment, i open 15 tabs), in line with that i opened other applications too and im sure it will consumes a LOT of Resources and thats probably the main reason why Chrome crashed and displayed such notification.

Solution: Fix Shockwave Flash Player Crashes on Google Chrome

First, setting up Chrome browser setting
  • Type chrome://settings/content in your homepage and it will displays configuration especially in Plugins
  • And choose Click to Play instead...why? Because sometimes if you need to enable that of Plugin, you will just click to show or view. Shown below.

And that's probably would fix that annoying crash and yellow notification display.

Second, close unnecessary applications or tabs to save resources.

I hope it helps a lot to you... :)

About Shockwave
Adobe Shockwave (formerly Macromedia Shockwave) is a multimedia platform used to add animation especially on games on browsers and interactivity to web pages (flash websites).


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