17 February 2013

The Next Gangnam Style: Harlem Shake?

Is it time to R.I.P. Gangnam Style and welcomes Harlem Shake? Will Harlem Shake be the next Gangnam Style? Can Harlem Shake beats Gangnam Style?

Will see about that.

The Rise of Harlem Shake

The latest Internet dance craze went viral on Youtube, the Harlem Shake and it became an Internet Meme. Harlem Shake was uploaded on February 2, 2013 by the The Sunny Coast Skate(5 teenagers from Queensland, Australia) and went viral, as of this post, its youtube pageviews had reached to 10million +, plus with 12,000 videos of different owned versions.
Screenshot from
The Harlem Shake v1 (TSCS original)
Harlem Shake History
Harlem Shake is a dance with its origin came from Harlem, New York and it is called Albee in 1981. The sound that used in the viral on Youtube was recorded by the American DJ Baauer, Harlem Shake song released last May 22, 2012 for free downloads. The Harlem Shake has a hip hop and bass song with samples of growling lion sounds.

Harlem Shake on Youtube
The Harlem Shake video that went viral in a form of meme was uploaded by a 5 teenagers(The Sunny Coast Skate from Australia).The video last for 30 seconds with a song from Baauer.

The dance craze goes like this:

Heres a certain person wearing motorcycle helmet surrounded by unaware people dance alone for 15 seconds, when the bass dropped the crowd dance crazy for the next 30 seconds.

Why does it becomes a viral on Youtube? Probably its breakout moment and it is short. Will Harlem Shake will shake the world to beat Gangnam style?

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