06 February 2013

Google Doodle Features Mary Leakey

Hola! This is my First post about Google Doodle for year 2013, oh, i dont blame myself to write this in February. The truth is i am only updated in widely known some people, events, places etc. 

There are really lots of Google Doodle but it is on a specific region only. So now, Google Features Mary Leakey on their site.

Who is Mary Leakey ?

In my 26 years of existing in this crazy world, i never heard nor seen this name -- Mary Leakey. Why does Google Featured her?

Today, February 06, 1913 is the Centennial Birthday of Mary Leakey, and Google made her as their Google Doodle.

Historically, in the field of archaeology, her name was a famous one. She never became widely known if she did not found the First Fossil Proconsul skull, .

Mary Leakey was a British Anthropologist ( person who studied humanities: Its origins, natural and social science) and Archaeologist (person who studied human activities, culture and environment).

To make it short:

  • She discovered first fossil Proconsul skull (extinct ape believed to be the ancestor of human beings)/
  • She discovered zinjanthropus skull.
  • She developed system for classifying stone tools
  • She discovered laetoli footprints.
  • She discovered Australopithecus boisei
As you can see in the Google design portraying Mary Leakey who dig up using tools with her dogs in a sunny day.

I must thank Google Doodle for giving such trivia about Mary Leakey.

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