06 February 2013

[Fixed] Couldn't Load Plug-ins in Google Chrome

What happen to my Google Chrome!? Sounds familiar, after all you get frustrated on this crazy stuffs. To figure out one-time solution, you Google it right ? You look, you search for the answers. Okay, we have the same path to take. When i was about to visit one video in Youtube, it just displayed: Couldn't load plugins... ohh why? and why not IE?

Need solution? Here's my experience and solution.

Why is it Chrome doesn't load plugins when in fact Chrome had built-in and updated extensions? Even if you did reinstall and update you chrome, it is all the same. Probably the reason why it displayed such is that, they are TWO flash player plugin installed. See more below.

To solve such dilemma i found some answers and it works perfectly (to me). If you are following these instructions and yet it doesn't take any changes and improves video plugin. Then, it is all i can give.. i just cant tell you answer more. Because with these steps, i only tried and tested for it. Well it does have many factors to consider though.

How to fix could not load plugin in Google Chrome?
Awhile ago, my theory is that: 2 plugins might not worked. So here, we disable one, one that Google Internal used.

1. Type in the address bar chrome://plugins/ and you will access chrome's plugin.

2. Under that you will see 2 Adobe flash players installed, you need to click +Details to show the 2 flash players. See below:

3. Now, you will see something like this location
c:\users\=your-name\AppData\Local\Chrome\ ....
4. Click Disable, disabling that might solve your problem with loading plugin. (Disabled plugin might looked like below screenshot).
5. Yes! You can view your favorite videos now.

Happy now? Couldn't Load Plug-ins in Google Chrome {solved}!


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