05 February 2013

First Google's Page Rank Update in 2013

For Webmasters, Bloggers, SEO Specialists and Hobbyists, Page Rank is the most trending topic nowadays. But it is really complicated matter. Even with some high page rank owners still baffled with their own page ranks.

The question here: Is Page Rank really 'that' important?

Now, the First Update of Page Rank for the year 2013 took last February 4, 2013. And there's ups and downs with some websites. I still have the same PR. PR=2 low PR tsk. Last year, it was 3, in the last update November 2012, it went down. Sad news for me, but i am keen to raise it up again.

From http://seo-website-designer.com

If you are earning a lot but have low PR (PageRank), you should be thankful at least. You build strong readership relationship with your visitors --and they keep on returning to your website. However, what if you earned low and had a low PR too? Sometimes, you will get depressed, less inspired to write, even worst -- you quit with your own blog/website.

Why PR is important?

Most of the people really search for a certain topic, not only that, even spellings, meanings, lyrics, and other keywords. (yeah thats what i mostly do).

With that fact, SEO was born. Search Engine Optimization, itself, gives user proper, correct, and trusted results. It should be like that. But there's a so called BlackHat, like spammy links resulting to make it first and with less relevant topics. Good thing, theres Google Panda and Penguin.

Google PR is important because if you have a PR of 3-10, then you are TRUSTED. And have a potential great opportunity for advertisers and traffics. That's great! Oh wait, Google will give you the first priority when it crawls to your site. :)

How to increase PR?

Well, it is really a complex question on how to increase it. PR has a complex algorithm based on the popularity on the links. 

PageRank is a probability distribution used to represent the likelihood that a person randomly clicking on links will arrive at any particular page.

So you might guess, its the number of links that point at your website. Or we should say, backlinks but that's not the case either because even with the high ranking sites, like SEO-HACKER blog post: Less Links the Better.

The main factor to increase PR is the content. Yes, they said content is a king. Unique, funny, Readable, Stylish, enjoyable, informative and engaging posts are the most important to consider in PR with indeed, a high chance of getting Page Rank increase.

Some factors might be helpful too:
  • Blog Commenting
  • Submit Directories
  • Guest Posts
  • Use of Social Media
  • Advertise
  • Reduce low outbound links
  • Smart Linking.
  • 600+ Words per post.
As for me you might wonder, i still have the same PR 2, because i blog post and post it in social media sites and that's it. Though, i have earned money with a great amount(in my case however, though i admit to myself i really have a low earning compared to other websites with High PR).

So whatever it may, the main and important to note is the TOPIC. The CONTENT. The readership. In fact, PR doesnt guarantee you to earn a high value or great traffic. Again CONTENT is the KING.

Next update might be on MAY 2013. I just hope my blog will increase PR. :)

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