20 February 2013

First Bionic Arm That Has Sense of Feeling

Is it the era of robotics wherein robots will lead the humans into devastation or in peace and order maybe? Hope for the goodness on each and everyone. More likely seen and read in some sci-fi magazine, but technology has never been out-dated and it continues to innovate useful gadgets/inventions that will help humans to do work easier or to substitute human parts into some bionic gadgets. Now, in the field of medicine, technology has a greater impact on the lives on the humans and other living things. 

Now we are really in the period of robotics(new technology that will change the world of prosthetics).

The First Bionic Arm Developed by Researchers École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland.

Prof. Silvestro Micera of the EPFL revealed that the bionic arm is capable on simulating sensations of feeling(sensation of touch also with motor control)
How does it works?
By some intraneural electrodes that is implanted in major nerves of the 1. person's arm and;  2. the median and the ulnar nerves. wired connected to his nervous system in which it can be able to control movements of the hands when it receives signals from the skin sensors.

With that for amputee, it MUST be a great invention to feel the sense of touch and the sense of feeling.

Though it can feel the sense of touch, Dr. Micera said that the problems occur with the patient's to adapt the artificial limb(that attached all the time), another yet problem here is that the wiring under the patient's skin to make it more comfortable. Though Dr. Micera and other researchers take extra effort to study about these problems. We still hope for the better bionic arm with less obtrusive feature..


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