01 February 2013

Why is it Facebook Graph Search is a COOL Feature?

Facebook has been rolled out some rapid changes to its design and performance to boost maximum user satisfaction and experience.

Well, if you are 24/7 in your PC/Laptop/Netbook/Smartphone, you probably noticed some changes that Facebook had.

From the Facebook Timeline to Facebook Poop smiley wopps, to social plugins ( Top Comment on Facebook ), and here comes now the so called Facebook Graph Search.

What is exactly does with Facebook Graph Search?
I am not really 100% sure about this Facebook Graph Search, because as it name implies, i am doubtful. Though Search may strike my brain to ponder that it is to LOOK or FIND something. So how about the Graph? No idea too.

Facebook Graph Search is really the same flow/method with Foursquare. Foursquare does check-in  (so that friends will know where you are, also it has in Facebook too), and put some tips or reviews about the place and usually the friends can view it and rate for it. Though you might get some badges in Foursquare, it is sure fun.

The difference however is that in Facebook Graph Search,  you can put Phrases to search and Facebook will gladly give you the answers like music, places, food, schools, pages, artists etc. and with Foursquare does not have this kind feature. Is it cool right?

Facebook Graph Search is still Beta (and be most available in US, but today, i proudly say, i can use it freely. Dont worry in the matter of time, you can experience Graph Search too.

Facebook Graph Search is a New Facebook Feature, yes a powerful feature that lets you discover and explore things you have liked, like Places, Books, Restaurants, Musics, Schools, Activities, Interest, People (new people), and many more.

That is really might be the coolest feature on year 2013.

Okay, i am able to tour with Facebook Graph Search, here are my screenshots:

Type anything next to search icon.

Use phrases to search and Facebook will give you some results.

You can Personalized results too.

More about Graph Search : Facebook Graph Search About

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