23 February 2013

Earn Money with Comments - Disqus Promoted Discovery

Can comments earn you money for it? How does it possible? With so much earning money ways to achieve here on internet from blogging, affiliates, online jobs, clicking ads etc.Even with comments you can too earn money! Disqus known for the commenting platform system which offered great engaging community for both reader and writer, not only that, it gives revenue to publishers and potential traffic to marketers.

Question: How to earn money with comments? If you are using disqus platform, then it is relatively simple.

Below image is my cute little earning in Disqus, what $0.13? and had 41 referral traffic., well, i just recently used Disqus in my comment posts. Without further ado, lets get started.

What is Disqus?
First, we must able to know what exactly we are onto. Disqus is a commenting platform that gives you great comment system to build engagement with your visitors. If you are using built-in comment system on your blog(say blogger or wordpress its good however, you can try this Disqus too).

 Disqus is easy to configure and it adopts the color and size of the post pages. It has also good feature and spam alert system. With these features, i dont doubt if it use for more than millions users in the world from different niche topics. 

Now, are you going to implement Disqus comment in your website?

Disqus Promoted Discovery
In their blog post last August 2012, i am the only one who was late for this news? Disqus added a concept of Discovery. A feature that will connect better with audiences(visitors and readers) to build engaging community between the authors of the site.

The Discovery Box was made to help users discover interesting and great stories in a site. Not only for discovering great  conversations, it allows also to drive more high quality traffic. (it displays inbound links to your pages thus potential to get more traffic more likely same as Related Post widgets)

Now the newest form of Discovery - the Promoted Discovery. Discovery does not gives traffic and engagement, it also make money out of it. Disqus gives the opportunity for the publishers to make money through Disqus Promoted Discovery. The recommending contents can give potential to earn money to the publishers. The readers may find the recommending content interesting on their part and that's the process  the owner will earn the money.

Sample screenshot: in the right side is the recommending topics and which gives you potential to earn money while in the left side drives traffic in your own site.

How to Configure Promoted Discovery?
To set Promoted Discovery, you must enable it in your configuration in your dashboard. If you already are using Disqus, you need to upgrade Disqus 2012 to fully enjoy the Discovery box.

1. Select a Site to add a Promoted Discovery. You can find it here.
2. If you are done on choosing your site, click on the Analytics tab.
3. Navigate to the Discovery Tab, then Choose Your Discovery Level, i suggest you choose Maximum Increased Traffic and Revenue.
4. Wait until Disqus fetches your content and they will add Promoted Discovery Link on your comments.
5. Simple right? ^_^

How to earn money via Disqus Discovery?
  • As i mentioned awhile ago, it can generate money with the Discovery Box. Promoted Discovery potentially earn revenue for publishers because it points the visitors to the recommending content (that an advertisers pay to the Disqus to post a promoted Discovery.) For each click on the Promoted Discovery link it corresponds a certain costs. Thus, it is a CPC(Cost-per-Click) basis and it depends on the advertisers set revenues to publishers.
You can get paid with a minimum of $100 with your paypal account.

About Disqus
Disqus (dis·cuss • dï-sküs') is all about changing the way people think about discussion on the web. We're big believers in the conversations and communities that form on blogs and other sites.

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