07 February 2013

Disney's: Find Your Way To OZ Chrome Experiment

Not just in cinemas, movies, and animations that Disney brought. Now, they are on Browser Technology too. With Disney's Find Your Way To OZ, we shall take a journey, yes an interactive and fun journey, through a Kansas circus and lead to Land of OZ.

Find Your Way To OZ was inspired by Oz The Great and Powerful, an upcoming fantasy and adventure film which is inspired too by 1900 novel The Wonder Wizard of Oz.

Now, we will now take the journey.

Find Your Way to Oz is a Chrome Experiment. The experiment that allows browsing interactively. Why would Disney make a significant effort on creating this kind of stuff?

According, to the blog post:
Their goal is to capture and combine richness with the capabilities of the browser with fun and exciting technology (using 3D layers, WebGL with Three.js, Shaders, DOM animated elements CSS3 features) in which it is now in Google Chrome experiment. 

Not only that, Google puts the link of Find Your Way to Oz to their site. 

Okey this is a complicated one, they also added that there was one of the main challenges they've come so far. The challenge to blend visual effects and other interactive elements in one scene to make into one whole scene. But you want to learn more about this technology you can visit tutorial here.  You can watch Youtube video here.

You may also add it into your CHROME app: Install Here


Find Your Way to OZ: http://www.findyourwaytooz.com/


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