01 February 2013

Claudia Mitchell First Woman has Robo-Bionic Arm

It was a wrong memorable moment on 2004 that Claudia Mitchell, lost her arm in a motorcycle crash. Now, she has been ROBOTAGGED as the first woman to have a bionic arm, an arm prosthetic limb(more useful and natural artificial limbs for amputees) that she can control using her mind.

A Prosthesis is a prototype developed by the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago multi-lab is one of the most advanced prosthetic arms developed to date. Funded by DARPA(Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) worth nearly $50 million.

A first-generation bionic arm "has changed my life dramatically," said Claudia Mitchell of Ellicott City, who lost her arm in a motorcycle accident. She can now do "all kinds of daily tasks." (By Dayna Smith -- The Washington Post)

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