30 June 2013

Compilation: Can You Check and See Who View Your Facebook Profile?

Is your EX gf/bf viewed your Facebook profile? Or if not, would you want to see if your crush peeking your photos? Lastly, you want to know who exactly stalking your profile? These are questions that can excite you thinking  to click without second thought on those viewing/stalking viewers app links. Indeed, you are pretty excited to see how exactly the apps worked, most especially, on those apps that give you promising results, like, you will be able to determine to see who viewed your very own Facebook Profile

This quite amazing feature in Facebook, still there are lots of few apps only do annoying and spamming! Since it attracts a mere Facebook user considering it could really view WHO see your own profile, does it?

However, there are slight PROBLEMS with these apps. One of the problems is that it can lead and  tag you as a spammer and might expose your account to danger and hack. The worst scenario, the apps can grant full access to your Facebook account without your prior permission. Some sensitive data could be exploited. How would you react and solve this kind of dilemma? Okay, I know, you don't want to happen.
Compilation on Spam Viewing Facebook App

I will give you a concrete example. These apps become pretty annoying these days: In order to test exactly how it works, I managed to experiment with my PC. Don't worry I used my dummy testing Facebook account.

With this wild and random experiment, I know and conclude that these are really useful and annoying apps which could lead to exploitation of sensitive data.

Update: 31, 2013

Update: July 20, 2013
  • Profile visitors Here http://tinyurl.com/pynsydl
Just recently, I have seen this app circulating in my news feed. This new kind of app floods every profile and pages together with its photo and link http://tinyurl.com/pynsydl. If you click it  the tinyurl link, it will redirect to translate.google.com (http://translate.google.fr/translate?sl=fr&tl=ar&js=n&prev=_t&hl=fr&ie=UTF-8&u=http://tinyurl.com/plw9ofz). Does Google permits to redirect the translate page?
Who viewed me
Now, from translate.google.com it will then redirected to http://rechrageonline.uni.me/layout/index.html (see image below). And it displays instructions.

My Advice: Don't follow and try!

Update: June 30, 2013
  • Find out how many profile visits you have daily and who visited your profile. Click here: http://psdzb.tk/?52583177 
And it will redirect you to this page

If you further explore and click the links within the page, you may feel you have posted some annoying tagged friends. See below sample result:

Rule of the Thumb: Dont click and engage such kind of apps who claim to see the profile visits. Facebook does not have that kind of feature. Its against in their private privacy!

Update: April 26 2013
Here's the new spam app that promises you to see whos viewing your profile.
  • See Who's Looking At Your Profile

see sample output of this app:
I clicked the link of the comment and it directs me to view here:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/F9weztfc7a/449125381845392?sk=app_190322544333196&Co2Dr6

then it redirects me to this link: http://quietapps.com/?n6zTV420
Finally, landed to the Google extention, it says Profile Monitor v1.0, what does it give?

IF you want to add it in the Chrome Extension, please be warned that it will access your data on all websites and browsing activity.

Now, if you are keen to install it then its your responsibility whatever happens, i personally don't like you to try this just to see if it really works.
  •  Top 10 Profile Viewers
I got some time to see this in my newsfeed, what the heck, top 10 profile viewers? How? It message contains a link or its source in hope to see who are those top 10. seriously? So i have visited the site:
http://facebookappmyviewers232gt.blogspot.com/ it automatically download some script, in which it is very DANGEROUS. To my dismay, however,  my AV had already detected it as a kind of treat. A so-called JS/Jockbook.A.Gen trogan, i researched this kind of trojan to know how exactly it  works. But it has no details yet. For now, what i do know is that, it has a spammy type feature, as you can see. It flooded my newsfeed to these posts. My AV blocks it, so if i were you, i wont have a chance to try WITH this app. It is useless!

 Word of advice? Don't try this app!

  • Your Top Viewers. Profile View Tracker.

Who Viewed Your Profile App?

While this app became an annoying in my news feed, i see lot of my friends spamming and tagging their friends Facebook profile. At one point, i have tried this app and see how exactly it works.

Now, i have some screenshots here to show you how it captures and spams others.

1. The address of its website is: http://12wrew235006.co.vu/jacked/index.php?cid=51290ff513122
2. if you will click and visit it, you will see Who Viewed Your Profile and other Fake information that can persuade you into thinking that it is really TRUE. Now, if you will click the Get Started button.
3. It displays Facebook Oath dialog, and using this famous app with 8million users -- instagram -- you need it to login and access your basic info. Yes, you may see it a legit one. So you are in Safe and Relax. However,

4. After clicking Log in with Facebook button, you will see somethings strange...like image below, you will see CTRL+L(highlight all in the address bar) then CTRL+C(copy those highlighted), then CTRL+W(it will close) which leads you to paste it in their site. Why you need to follow those instructions? Because you need to do it, so that you can view whos viewing your profile. hmmm...

Then you CTRL+V(paste)
While it process your entry, it already run the code in your profile and started to spam others.

To check if it is really that Instagram app source, you need to check and see through the address bar.
click to view large
Here, you can see the attacker's address: http://12wrew235006.co.vu/jacked/index.php?, in which, it is really 'not' legitimate and it trick users to confirm and to believe that they are in the Instagram app page, you will not blame it because it uses the Like plugin in the window.

Access Token
Now, how will they access your Facebook Profile and spam others? By the ACCESS TOKEN! Access Token is a RANDOM  string that can access Facebook APIs securely and temporarily. So if you are fallen into trap, then it is temporarily.

There are apps out there: user, app and page access token with a certain permissions. 

Because you pasted your ACCESS TOKEN in their site, the code will grant access to your Facebook Profile and you don't even know that you already uploaded photo, tagged friends and even commented with your photo status. Though Access Token is one way to access your basic info with some developer's app,  you need to take extra very careful in when or which to give the access.

This is my result when i tried this app. Here, i set it to display ONLY ME so that it will not annoy my Facebook Friends. See the persuading  status posted with comment too.
Back with their website, it displays Facebook Spam Verification, now, this is really really strange. But i didn't take time and effort to continue there simply because i felt lazy about this kind of spamming stuff. ^_^
Thus, I do recommend not to continue for safety purposes. 
Since this is how it works, the question is: Can you check who views your Facebook Profile?

Can you really Check and See who View your Facebook Profile?

While you have likely seen an concrete example here, and even tried and experienced it, there are many apps and services out there that offer and even promise you to let you know who's viewing your Facebook Profile. Do you believe them?

The Bad News: ALL APPS and SERVICES don't have the ability to give the users to see who viewed their Facebook Profile. Not even one of them!
The GOOD News: You will know that all applications claiming that they give such services are FAKE, SPAM and Malware-like, now, you can just simply ignore or block them.

Even if you are excited to try each app that gives service like Your Top Viewers(example here), See Who Views Your Profile! or Stalker Tracker/Viewer. These apps are a VIRUS/MALWARE junk that have the ability to get your password and the ability can give your friends a headache on their part because these apps do spam notifications and tagged.

Reality Check
If you are reading the Facebook Privacy Rules( read here ), these apps and services violated the terms and conditions with Facebook. Hence, with this information, in the next wave of Malware/virus apps that let you see who's viewing Facebook Profile, you can certainly believe that those apps are really fake and spamming.

How about those already clicked and used those apps?
Sometimes, you are not exempted to try this because of your curiosity too, you even tried it once. Now, if you are looking for a remedy: You can revoke the app access in your Facebook account.  You can check your apps here. Find those fake and spamming app then remove, revoke or block it. And your done! Just like i have said awhile ago, access is a temporarily. But for 100 percent certainty, revoke it!

How to avoid these kind of apps?
Knowledge is the key. Since you know the privacy, ignore this apps and tell you friends not to click with this kind of link.

Now, in order to see who view your Facebook Profile you need to relax and get clues(clues that will gives you an idea that a certain someone viewed your profile). The sad part however, even with your instinct you are not 100% pretty sure.

You may share this link to your friends
Thank you! ^_^

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